Books: Sex Tips For Girls

Written to accompany the Channel 4 series, Sex Tips for Girls a few years back, this is one of those rare TV Tie-in books that’s better than the TV show it’s based on. Written in Everett’s familiar wry style, it covers everything you could possibly want to know about foreplay, sex positions, orgasm, spicing things up and a lot more besides.

The book includes a number of boxed out tips, that combine genuine advice with humour:

“It’s possible to buy sex toys that exist mainly to encourage you to tighten your vaginal muscles. Obviously, shoud your partner buy you these, you must immediately stuff them up a different hole altogether, belonging to him.”

Couples who are looking to add some adventure to their relationship will certainly get inspiration. There are suggestions ranging from ways to give the ultimate blowjob to games and props to incorporate into your sex life. Everett is broad-minded in her approach, covering topics like watersports and sub/dom without the all-too-frequent judgementalism.

The only criticism is that the book focuses entirely of heterosexual sex. However, if you’re looking for some good straight advice, Sex Tips for Girls is well worth buying.

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