Erotica: Blood Lust

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There are so many things I love about my girlfriend Gemma: her wicked sense of humour, her smile, her curvy calves, her gorgeous round bottom, and the dimples in all four of her cheeks. We’ve just moved in together, and every day I can’t wait to finish work just to get home and spend time with her.

When I got in yesterday evening after a couple of days away on business, I pretty much bounded up the stairs. “Hey Honey, I’m home!” I called in my best American accent. “I’m in the shower!” Gemma yelled back in her best Northern. “Then brace yourself purty lady” I replied, “’cause I’m a comin’ in!”

The bathroom was all steamy. Condensation dripped from the mirror, and I could smell Gemma’s girlie soap and shampoo. I could also see the outline of her body behind the shower curtain, especially once she’d realised I was there and had pressed her breasts against it, wrapping the wet transparent plastic around her gorgeous curved body before turning away from me so that I could see the shape of her beautiful big bum. And Jesus, was it beautiful. I felt my cock twitch. “Well now, isn’t that a mighty fine sight for sore eyes?” I drawled.

“Your eyes will be bloody sore in a minute if you don’t stop that ridiculous accent!” Gemma reprimanded, “Now hand me a towel, will you?”

I did as I was bidden and my siren emerged from the shower, water running from her dark purple bob, between her breasts, and down between her legs. I was beside myself with lust, and bent down to lick the drops that had collected in her belly button. Unconsciously I let out a groan, “I want you so much Gemma. Let me lick you dry from head to toe – please” I begged.

“Honey, I’d love nothing more, but I’ve got my period at the moment so to be honest I’m feeling a bit icky.”

“Like I give a monkey’s! You women are far too hung up on that shit – most men really don’t care: they just want to bone their gorgeous girlfriends, and a little more natural lube isn’t exactly going to stop them.”

“Whoever said you weren’t the romantic type, eh?!” Gemma mocked.

“I’ll show you romantic”, I answered, lifting her onto the sink.

“Aha, so this is where being 6’4” with lush broad shoulders and strong arms comes in useful”, said Gemma. “Now go easy on me, will you – I can be extra-sensitive and even a bit sore when I’m on. Please don’t go too deep.”

“Your wish is my command, My Lady. Now shut up will you? I’m sure Juliet wasn’t this talkative”

“And I’m sure she didn’t say ‘Bone-me-oh, Bone-me-oh, I’ve got my period so why don’t you bone-me-oh? either!” Gemma retorted. I grinned: my girlfriend never fails to make me smile.

On this occasion she met my smile with hers. A long, lovely tongued kiss ensued. Gemma is a fucking fantastic snog, and I swear I’m like a teenager again once our lips are locked. I’m pretty sure she feels the same too, as she always involuntarily tilts her pelvis closer to mine. I’m not even certain she knows she’s doing it, but it never fails to excite me further.

By this time my cock was as hard as a rod (told you she made me feel like a teenager – all it takes is one of Gemma’s delicious kisses), and I dipped my lips to her nipples, my hands moving from her thighs to her breasts, cupping them, kneading them gently, stroking her until goosebumps showed. She shivered.

“Oh no, I’m not cold”, Gemma answered my questioning gaze, “you’re just turning me on a treat.” She smiled.

I smiled back, and pushed the rest of the towel away, bending down to her pretty pussy. She may not be naturally purple (who is?), but she really likes mucking about with her hair, even to the extent of dying her pubes too (see – I told you she had a great sense of humour), and tonight they were…  “Purple!” I said, surprised. “Well”, she answered, “you know: matching collar and cuffs in honour of your return, ‘n’ all.”

“Mmmm… I like” I said, “I like very much indeed…”

I parted her petals with a gentle hand, and nibbled Gemma’s clit. She slowly sighed with pleasure, saying “I’m torn between being really turned on, and really self-conscious ‘cause I am actually on”, before sighing languidly again.

“You’re talking too much again, Miss Honeyfanny”, I rebuked, licking her lustrous labia and admiring the oyster-like gleam of her intimate areas, “God you’re delicious”. Gemma visually relaxed at this, before stiffening as I gripped her waist and plunged my tongue into her engorged pussy. The taste of her blood didn’t bother me at all – in fact, quite the contrary: I was excited by the pure naughtiness of it all. Gemma lifted my face to hers and kissed me full on the lips, tasting herself on my tongue: “that’s a first for me”, she grinned.

I stood with the tip of my throbbing cock resting against her glistening entrance, teasing, feeling Gemma move towards me, desperate to feel me inside her. I waited until she was right at the edge of the sink, resting my hands on her hips. Wrapping my arms around her arse I pulled her closer and pushed myself into her pussy, slowly, bit by bit and not too deep, just like she’d said. We built up a steady rhythm together, all the while grinning like goons, even our eyes smiling at each other, Gemma’s elbows lay on my strong shoulders, her fingers stroked the back of my neck, tugging gently at the hair on the back of my head.

She pulled my head towards hers. I knew this sign: it meant that Gemma was about to come, and she wanted a sweet kiss to seal the deal – it seemed I wasn’t the only one who found a good snog a total turn-on. I obliged, tracing Gemma’s lips with my tongue before hers came out to meet mine. It was pure heaven to be so intimate from head to hips, and it didn’t take long before Gemma reached her peak. I found it hard to hold off, but I managed to wait until I felt her mouth involuntarily fall open against my mouth, and her pussy muscles clench around my cock. And then I allowed myself to let go, and I spurted like a hot fountain inside her.

“Well that’s one way to celebrate the all-clear from the Clinic this week” Gemma joked, “but I think I need another shower now”.

I smiled back: “Mind if I join you?” I asked.

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