Ask Cliterati: What to Do With a Large Penis

I may sound like I’m bragging but I really do have a problem because my penis is too big – it’s nine inches long and extremely thick. My girlfriend’s quite small down below and we have continually tried to have sex. I can only get about two inches in and then it hurts her because she tenses up. She says she doesn’t want to and us unaware of myself doing it. I was wondering if there was anyway of stopping this from happening and if you have any tips on how we can have sex, such as good positions?


You may not be getting much sympathy from the men, Steve but big cocks can be the bane of a woman’s life. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to deal with them – and none require surgery. First off, if you’re only getting a couple of inches in then your partner could do with being more wet. Go down on her before you have sex and generally give her a lot of foreplay. If you’re really that big then you may need additional lubrication too. Just don’t use oil based lubrication as this can rot condoms.

In terms of position, go for things that don’t allow deep penetration as this will help allay your partner’s nerves and mean things don’t get too uncomfortable. Try ‘spooning’ (where you both lie on your side and you enter your girlfriend from behind.) Missionary also means it shouldn’t go really deep, as long as your girlfriend doesn’t raise her knees. Or she can go on top, if she lies flat once you’ve got it in, rather than ‘riding you – as it puts her in control.

Generally, go very s-l-o-w-l-y, entering her inch by inch and only progressing once your girlfriend’s relaxed enough for you to continue. If you play with her clit – or she does – at the same time then this will ease the way too.

In terms of tensing up, if she bears down whilst you’re entering you, as if pushing something out of her vagina, then it will stop her from tensing up so much.

You need to realise that being equipped with a python of a trouser-snake will mean that you have to put more work into foreplay, as like it or not, the bigger the man, the wetter a woman needs to be. But on the plus side, hell, you’re hung like a horse. And that’s a great thing for hitting the G-spot – not to mention attracting jealous glances at the gym.

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