Book Extract: Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills

Flesh Spills and Secret Thrills
“No,” she gasped, parting her thighs anyway, “the Bishop will be here any moment.”

She got no response. She gazed along the centre aisle of the church towards the thick wooden doors at the far end. They were closed but she knew at any moment someone, possibly the Bishop and his entourage could open them and walk in.

And what would they see? Caroline with her choir robe open to the waist and her lace covered breasts exposed to the chill, sacred air of the church building. They may make out a rustling in her robe, but it was so voluminous and Tony was so slight, she wasn’t sure they would know that her husband was inside, tracing his hands up her inner thighs, feeling the dampness of her arousal and smelling it.

She was scared, it was true, she was petrified someone would walk in but she was also incredibly turned on.

She yelped as Tony’s tongue slid across her wet under lips and moaned with delight as it buried between and lapped up the sticky nectar that covered her open slit. Her husband ate pussy with no delicacy or elegance. His hands were pressed into her ample buttocks, squeezing them as his mouth consumed her. His tongue was everywhere, flicking inside of her, then lapping over her excited clit and his lips undulated over her, adding an extra layer of delight. She was being devoured. Tony was eating her as if he’d never tasted her before and might never taste her again and she loved it.

She threw her head back and groaned. The sound echoed around the empty stone walls and reflected back to her, it was as if she were hearing someone else moaning and gasping and cursing in sexual frenzy, not herself. She felt wanton, she felt slightly wicked and she knew she would soon come if he kept up his frenzied attack on her cunt.

“Fuck!” she cried out and the musty air of the church vibrated with the obscenity.

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