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Lure of Forever is the second book in Doris O’Connor’sLure series. Me being me, I accidentally read this one first. However, it didn’t matter at all as the story stands perfectly well alone.

This paranormal erotic romance tells the story of Lucas, a three thousand year old vampire, and Coralie, a human. She’s standing in as a strip-o-gram for her friend when she accidentally gets onto the wrong boat, which is inhabited by Lucas and his friends – none of whom look very pleased to see her.

Rather than backing off and going on her way, Coralie becomes engaged in a bizarre conversation with Lucas – who is some kind of weird vampire wannabe. Before long she’s dragged into Lucas’ business which sounds dangerous and totally none of her business. Unfortunately, her unwanted attraction to Lucas means she’s not quite on form and before she can run screaming for the hills, it’s too late.

She quickly discovers Lucas is a bona fide vampire, which throws her belief system into turmoil. Add to that the fact that Lucas and his buddies are saying she, her friend Jerry, and Jerry’s daughter are in grave danger from a demon, and it’s a wonder Coralie doesn’t lose her mind. But she’s a much tougher cookie than that, and is determined to protect those she holds dear – a list which, she soon realises, definitely includes Lucas.

As I said before, it didn’t matter that I hadn’t read the first book in this series, but having enjoyed this one so much, I want to read it anyway! Doris O’Connor writes beautifully. In this book, she successfully portrays emotion, sexual tension, danger and so much more. I was so riveted that I whizzed through the book in a couple of days, desperate to know the outcome. And, without giving anything away, let’s just say it doesn’t disappoint.

Overall, a super hot, action-packed paranormal erotic romance with a hero to die for! *swoons* – I’m looking forward to reading more of Doris’ work.

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