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The web is full of smut but there’s very little out there for the discerning woman. Forget sites with endless pop-up windows that charge outrageous sums of money. Forget endless pictures of women with Photoshopped bodies and ever-welcoming genitals.

Welcome to Cliterati. The site for women, by women which dares to admit that women like sex too. This site is designed for adults, so if you’re under eighteen, visit Scarleteen instead.

Cliterati History

Cliterati was created on August 31st 2001 as a free sex website for women. Since then, thousands of women have added their stories to the site, submitted their sexual problems, shared their most intimate thoughts – and had a lot of orgasms. We like orgasms. They make us happy. And they seem to make lots of other women happy too. As a result, the site has remained the same for the last decade. Until now.

Cliterati was created  before Sex and the City had shot the Jessica Rabbit to fame. Before Two Girls ever considered sharing One Cup. Before 50 Shades of Grey taught a whole new demographic about the importance of safe words. We were providing erotica for free to over half a million women per month at a time when that act was still taboo enough to generate hate mail and rape threats.

This may sound dramatic, but it’s a clear sign of how far the perception of sex has moved on in the last decade (for a full description of the launch of Cliterati, along with stories from numerous sexual pioneers, see Naked Ambition: Women Who Are Changing Pornography)

Now, Girl With a One Track Mind, Suzanne Portnoy and Belle de Jour have contributed to popular perception of women’s sexuality. Xcite Books is one of the fastest-growing publishing imprints around, offering e-books galore and a genuinely innovative approach to erotica. We’ve had Slut Walks and debates on the politics of using the word cunt. In short, the world is very different than when Cliterati first began.

Cliterati Fantasies

Cliterati is still providing fantasies for free. We always have. We always will, giving you the best selection of masturbation material we can. We won’t include anything to do with kids, animals, abuse or non-consensual violence. However, you can find tales of seduction, submission, group sex, lesbian and bi-sexual experiences, domination, man-on-man lust and a whole lot more in the fantasies section; exhibitionism, analingus, fisting… if it’s consensual, we’ll include it.

We’ve got fantasies that run across the entire Kinsey sexuality scale, from totally straight to totally gay. There are romantic fantasies and hardcore BDSM fantasies – not forgetting romantic BDSM fantasies, of course. Some stories involve one person, others involve group fun, with pairings and threesomes of all kinds along the way. Some stories use gentle language, others use Anglo-Saxon at its most guttural: we don’t opt for a consistent style because everyone’s fantasy mind works in a different way. One woman’s meat is another woman’s throbbing cock. We aim to represent as many different fantasies as possible (excluding underage activity, non-consensual acts and animals as we believe in informed consent). Why not add yours to the site?

Sexually Cliterate

When it comes to sex, there’s an infinite variety to explore, and our features section helps you do so safely. Whether you want an introduction to the fetish scene, advice on introducing fantasies to your relationship or tips on how to get exactly what you want in bed (and give your lover an amazing time too) our team of writers are sex educators of the highest calibre who are here to help.

Then there are reviews. With the toy market growing day by day, it can be hard to know what to choose. We’ve tested well over 600 toys – with more coming every day – and keep ourselves informed about all the latest innovations. We won’t recommend any toy unless we genuinely believe it’s worth playing with; and we take more into consideration than just  the way it feels. Our favourite toys are pthalate free (because pthalates have been linked to reproductive disorders and cancers); eco-friendly (because it’s good to love the planet as you love yourself); and devoid of porntastic packaging (because there’s no need for it nowadays).

That’s not to say we’ll omit toys that fall outside these categories but if we have any area of concern, you can rest assured we’ll flag it up – and we’ll never accept money for giving a product a positive review. If we say a product is great, it’s because we genuinely believe that it is. And it’s not just toys. Erotic fiction, sex manuals, boudoir accessories and erotic events are just a few areas we cover. If we think a product will be beneficial to sex, relationships or (better yet) both, we’ll test it out and let you know the outcome.

We’ve also added interviews with some of our favourite erotic pioneers and iconic figures; articles explaining the science of sex and the psychology of relationships; plus all the latest news and events on the scene.

It’s All About You

Most importantly, every section of Cliterati is open to submissions. If you’ve got a fantasy, feature or link, just post it as a comment and, as soon as we’ve edited it (because typos can be distracting when you’re indulging in self-pleasure  – or maybe we’re just grammar freaks) we’ll add it to the site. The more you contribute, the more you’ll gain.

Enjoy exploring.

The Cliterati Team

A brief note about safe sex and related matters. The Cliterati Team believe that safe sex is important. However, many of the fantasies on the site do include unsafe sex. On a similar note, many of the fantasies on the site would be foolish to attempt in real life. Please bear in mind that this is fantasy, not reality and that safe sex is important to protect yourself from all manner of nastiness, picking up strangers can be fraught with risk and, generally, if you want to have fun, it’s worth using your brain as well as your body to keep yourself safe.

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