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Dirty Poetry is a collection of two erotic short stories by Scarlett Knight, and published by House of Erotica. The theme of this mini-anthology is sex in public – one of my favourites, and I’m glad to say I wasn’t disappointed.

The first tale, Dirty Poetry, takes us on a journey with two good friends and colleagues. They’ve been pussy-footing around one another for a long time, but they finally express romantic interest in one another on their way home from a dinner. They stop at a rest stop, and by a strange set of circumstances, the two of them end up in a super hot clinch in the bathroom.

The Undressing Room, which is the second tale in the anthology, details anniversary sex with a difference. A couple are out shopping for outfits for their anniversary celebration, when the woman needs help undoing the dress she’s trying on. The assistant is nowhere to be seen, and so her partner steps in. What happens next is a seriously hot encounter in the dressing room, yum!

This is the second collection of Scarlett’s work that I’ve read, and I’ve enjoyed both. I really like her writing style, I find it engaging and easy to read, and the stories themselves are very sexy – they’ll definitely get you hot under the collar. So if you like to read about risky sex in unusual places, then check out Dirty Poetry.

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