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No Reservations

This co-authored novel from Black Lace tells the tale of Kate and Leah, two women spending Christmas with their respective boyfriends. Unfortunately, they’re not having the best of times. Kate’s ideal Christmas is spoilt by the arrival of Dix’s poisonous ex-wife, who seems to forget that she’s his ex. Leah, on the other hand is stuck with Brandon and his perfect family who all seem to adore her. Then she finds a diamond ring.

The two women decide to make a run for it and spend some time together in Las Vegas and hopefully decide what to do about their respective troubles while they’re there. However, the two men aren’t going to take this desertion lying down and they follow their women to Sin City to make their intentions clear, and fight for their happy ever afters. What follows is a seriously fun and super sexy romp, which is also packed with feelings, lifestyles and planning for happy futures.

This is an erotic romance with a difference, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to read a super well-written book with fun, sex and romance all snuggled between the covers.

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