Erotica: Forbidden Fruit


He was gorgeous; a glint in his eye, a dirty smile always threatening to break across his lips – generally, exactly my type. I wanted him from the moment we met. I was with my boyfriend, James so I couldn’t drag him off to fuck him but when I got home and James fell asleep on the sofa as usual, I ran my vibrator dry of batteries thinking about him.


The next time we met, I was in town. We started chatting and before too long, things were getting distinctly flirtatious. I was complaining about James working late. “Not very gentlemanly – or intelligent – leaving a gorgeous woman like you on her own every night.” When he `asked me if I fancied going for a coffee with him, I jumped at the chance.


In the café, we kept finding excuses to touch each other. Before too long, my hand was on his thigh, itching to move higher. He leaned forward “Tell me if I’m being out of order but I really want to fuck you. My cock’s been hard for the last ten minutes.”

“Guess we should do something about that then.” I said.


As soon as we were out the door, he pulled me into the doorway of an expensive looking hotel and started kissing me. I could feel his cock pressing against my thigh and ground back against it, eager to make him groan. “You really are up for it, aren’t you – I can see this is going to be fun.”


He pulled away from me and led me towards the hotel. I’d always thought renting a room by the hour was something that only happened in films. I was wrong. He walked to the desk and ordered a suite.


The receptionist gave us a strange look but he didn’t care. “Make sure it’s a King sized bed.”


As we headed upstairs, I told him I’d often fantasised about renting a room by the hour. He smiled. The second we got inside room, he pushed me up against the door.


“I wanted you the second I saw you but you were with James and I could hardly fuck you in front of him” he said


“No point in wasting time now.” I replied.


He slid his hands up my torso, tracing my skin with a finger-light touch and making me shiver. I moved my hand to his fly and unbuttoned his jeans, easing his cock out. He moaned at my touch and I felt a slick of wetness at the top of his cock. Dropping to my knees, I lapped at its tip, before taking its engorged head into my mouth and flickering my tongue over its sensitive underside.


His knees started to buckle, so I moved one hand up to steady him, while the other gripped on to his cock, now well lubricated from my exertions, and started to pump him up and down in time with my mouth. He leaned back, easing his cock out of my mouth.


“I’m going to come if you don’t stop soon and I want to sort you out first…”


He unbuttoned my shirt and kissed down my body until I was squirming with pleasure. He peeled off my jeans, then kissed back up my body, hesitating tantalisingly at my thighs before carrying on back up to my neck. He covered my neck with slow, moist kisses then ran his tongue down to my shoulder-blade making me bite my lip in pleasure. I was getting wetter by the second and desperately wanted him but he was determined to take his time. After working his way across both shoulders with his tongue, he started to stroke my breasts, teasing my nipples gently, then harder until every nerve was tingling.


He trailed his tongue slowly down my body, parted my lips with his hand and took my clit in his mouth. I could feel his warm breath against me and my pelvic muscles contracted at the sensation. He took pity and ran his tongue over my clit, savouring my juices and slipping one finger, then two inside me. The combination of his fingers and tongue was incredible. It didn’t take me long to come. He waited until the last shudders had gone before he spoke. “Now I can fuck you.”


He stripped rapidly, revealing a firm torso and strong thighs then moved on top of me and slid his cock up to the hilt in one move. I was so turned on I almost came there and then. His cock rubbed against my clit and I could feel myself getting closer and closer. “God, yes!”


My muscles pulsed hard, sending him over the edge and he came inside me. His cock throbbed inside me for an age and I knew he’d enjoyed it as much as I had.


We lay in each other’s arms for a while with the smug grins of the recently satisfied. He smiled at me.


“Now… we’ve got two options. We can check out and your fantasy will have come true. Or we can order room service and test out the power shower later.


I glanced at my watch. My boyfriend wasn’t expecting me back for another four hours.


“How did you know about my other fantasy?”


There was no way I was leaving him until we’d had a lot more fun…

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