Erotica: Taking Her Punishment

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Sadie took a sip of her drink and reclined against the sofa. Her eyes narrowed as she surveyed the room, an hour ago it had been full of people laughing, dancing, enjoying her party but it was late and only a few people lingered on.

She glanced over at Andrea who was saying goodnight to some people and again felt annoyed at being ignored by her girlfriend. Sadie was not used to being ignored, she was used to lots of attention. Since she was a little girl she had been spoilt by people who admired her beautiful hair, green eyes, her flawless skin, she was used to getting what she wanted and Andrea ignoring her was not what she wanted.

Sadie had certainly had a very busy night, flirting with every man and woman who had come within her vicinity. She knew she had looked her best – her long red hair falling down her bare shoulders, contrasting with her tightly drawn emerald corset and tight black satin skirt. So why was Andrea ignoring her? It had been Andrea’s idea to throw a party for her birthday but then that had been months ago. Sadie had shaken her butt, tossed her hair and generally flaunted herself to all and sundry, all the time keeping a careful watch on Andrea’s reaction. Sadly Andrea didn’t seem to take much notice.

Quite frankly what more did a girl have to do before her lover would pay her some attention. Anyway, time for bed. With one final attempt to get Andrea to take some notice she walked over to Andrea who was engaged, in what appeared, to be very deep conversation with the last guest.

“Thank you for a lovely party” Sadie said, planting a kiss on her lovers cheek “I’m off to bed I have a photo shoot in the morning”

Andrea turned from her guest and distractedly patted Sadie on the arm before turning back to him. Hmm, he was certainly good looking, thought Sadie, but since when did Andrea chat up men – that was her department. With a flounce she turned on her heels and left.

Very soon the warmth of the fire in the grate lulled Sadie to sleep. Perhaps about an hour later she woke with a start feeling a slap across her face.

“Ah, what the ..” she said, sitting up with acclivity.

Andrea was standing over her, “Right, you spoilt little bitch it’s time you were taught a lesson for your manners, or rather the lack of them that you’ve displayed all evening.”

Before Sadie could retort she felt a pair of strong arms restrain her and realised they were not alone.

“This is John. You may remember him from early this evening, given you were all over him like a rash, including telling him you gave the best blow jobs in town. Well, John was not pleased with your behaviour either and thinks you need a good spanking, at least to start with.” Andrea said mysteriously.

Sadie was flipped over on her stomach and her night-dress lifted up to reveal her bare bottom.

Slap! John’s hand came down across her left cheek. Sadie’s body trembled and she let out a shout of pain. Slap! harder this time, then repeatedly. Sadie struggled but Andrea was pinning her down and the more she struggled the more she felt the hard slaps against her now rosy bottom.

“Oooh, please don’t”. Sadie murmured pleadingly “please stop”.

“Do you mean that” said Andrea, “I think you might be enjoying it”
Andrea’s hand groped between Sadie’s thighs and felt the dampness of her cunt. She brought her hand up to Sadie’s lips. “What do you think?”

The truth was Sadie was enjoying it but she didn’t want to admit to it but she certainly didn’t want it to stop “ so she bit Andreas hand, not hard but to enough to ensure her punishment wasn’t going to end.

“You cow” Andrea said indignantly,” I think we need to do something about this”. John continued to spank her, varying the strokes- hard, soft, hard, hard again across one cheek then the other and sometimes both. Sadie, ground her hips into the mattress, trying to anticipate the slaps, it was almost hypnotic feeling the warmth of her skin spreading through her lower body. Andrea came back with a sleek black whip that she had asked Sadie to buy her a couple of months ago. It had been a bit of a joke present Andrea threatening to use it on her when she had a tantrum, but now it seemed like she really was.

“Stand up “ Andrea ordered her girlfriend. “Bend over, pull your nightdress up and spread your legs.”

Sadie obeyed. For what seemed a long time nothing happened, Sadie could hear the crackling of the fire, the light breathing of Andrea behind her and somewhere to the left she was aware of John watching her, he could probably see her cunt glistening in the firelight. She felt exposed, excited and unsure as to what was coming next. Then she felt Andrea’s strong hands caressing her bottom, gently trailing fingers across her cheeks, stroking down to her cunt and probing her opening. Then the fingers were replaced with leather, the woven fabric of the whip moving against her open cunt up to her bottom. Then with a swish the whip fell lightly against her cheeks, then again and again the whip falling heavier each time. Sadie wriggled her arse and felt her legs trembling, she whimpered as the whip struck, jumping away when it fell to heavily.

“Keep still”, Andrea ordered, the whip falling once more, with even more force.
“Oh” Sadie shouted.
“Nothing will shut her up” Andrea sighed with mock disapproval “ well may be there is something.” she nodded at John, who smiled, undid his fly.

John grabbed Sadie by the hair and forced her mouth on to his hard cock.

“Suck it. That’s what you been saying you wanted to do so this is your chance” Andrea said, the whip cracking down again. “And if you don’t do a good job then I’m really going to hit you hard”.

Sadie felt the prickle of John’s pubic hair as she took his whole length in to her mouth. She was so horny now she wanted to feel the crack of the whip, wanted to beg Andrea to do it harder but as her mouth was otherwise engaged she made do with little purring noises of approval.

Andrea abandoned the whip, preferring to make contact with Sadie’s skin with her hand. She liked to feel the softness of Andrea’s flesh, the contraction of her cheeks as her hand made contact. She smiled, as John spunked in the girlfriend’s face.

‘You might be spoilt’, Andrea thought, ‘but I do love you’.

With that she buried her fingers in Sadie’s slippery cunt. Sadie buckled on the floor, forcing Andrea’s fingers deeper until she reached a heady orgasm. It took Sadie a while to get her breath back, but as she felt herself float down to normality, she smiled at Andrea “Thank you for a great birthday party?”

Andrea smiled back. “It’s John you need to thank. If you want?”

Sadie looked from John to Andrea.

“How about we both thank him for helping us out?”

The look on John’s face was enough to make both women realise the night was far from over.

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