Sexually Cliterate: Can You Find Your Own Clitoris?

For years, jokes have been cracked about men’s ineptitude when it comes to finding the clitoris. However, you may be surprised to discover the clit is so much more than the little nub most people associate it with. Indeed, many women couldn’t correctly label their clitoris either

Yes, the vast majority of the clitoris lies inside the body, as the picture above illustrates (in yellow). The Mosex blog has a fantastic article by Ms M explaining where the clitoris really is so that you can understand your body in more detail. So why doe this matter to you?

  • Understanding your body helps you understand how best to stimulate it.
  • If you’re attached, you can share this info with your partner to ensure you have better orgasms together.
  • Once you know about an erogenous zone, you can stimulate it. The Groovy Chick is a fantastic toy for hitting almost every inch of the G-spot (which may help explain why it’s one of our best-sellers)
  • If you have an over-sensitive clitoral tip, you can still use your clitoris to get off by rubbing your pubic mound and labia or trying to find your G-spot (which some researchers believe is actually part of the clitoral structure)

So enjoy stimulating every inch of your clitoris – who knows how much more fun you might end up having…

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