Erotica: Holiday Heat by Anonymous

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He looked up and took his sunglasses off for a moment. I couldn’t be certain, but I felt sure that he had seen me. The sun was beating down upon his tanned body. He looked fantastic and I had been teasing myself all day with thoughts of the things he could do to me.

I pulled a chair closer to the balcony wall and sat down, knowing he was watching my every move. I was getting more and more excited. I gently removed my bikini top and let him see my fingers run over my naked breasts.

I lay back, soaking up the sun for a moment, but it was no use – I needed something. My pussy was wet and crying out for attention. I slowly pushed my hand under my panties and stroked my small mound of hair. Dare I do this here? The thrill was so intense. As I pushed my fingers down lower my clit was throbbing to be stroked. I could feel his eyes on me, moving over my body. I played with the lips on either side, spreading my wetness. Then almost without thought I pulled my pants down and started to tease my clitoris. The feeling was electrifying – I couldn’t stop touching myself.

I pushed my fingers down and deep inside myself and teasingly licked the sticky residue. In my mind I could see his hard cock and I wanted it, I wanted him to come and take me. My clitoris stood erect and desperate.

I loved the thought of him watching me. I pulled myself open so I was as exposed as possible, with the heat from the sun burning down on my pussy. I could wait no more. My clit was screaming for attention. I rubbed and stroked for what must have been less than a minute before I came. I let out a moan and felt the clear liquid spill from inside me and down the tops of my thigh.

Breathing deeply, I sat for a moment and drank in the sun’s rays. My clit still throbbed with pleasure. I considered what I had done and how fantastic it had felt; knowing I was being watched and that he had seen everything. It had been one of the best orgasms I had had for ages. I showered and changed into a fresh white linen dress and left my room to meet up with some friends I had met the day before.

As the hotel lift hit the ground floor and the doors opened I was greeted with a very friendly smile. My clit pulsed as I smiled back, and gestured for him to join me in the lift. My newfound friends could wait.

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