Erotica: Phoning Home


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Hi sexy. I just had to give you a call to say thanks for last night. You looked stunning. I loved the dress you were wearing – the way that it hugs your hips and clings to your bum is perfect. It was all I could do not to rip your clothes off as soon as you walked through the door. But I guess that Mel and Pete would have complained if we’d stood them up.

Even though they were fun, I was glad to get you home – you looked even better when you stripped off for me. That silk camisole and French knickers you wore have been going through my mind all day – it’s been hard for me to concentrate on work! I’m going to have to buy you some more lingerie. A woman as gorgeous as you should always have such beautiful things sliding against your skin,

I know I was a bit quiet when you asked me about my fantasies. Sorry – I was embarrassed because, well, most of them are about you. But after you went into so much detail – wine really does make you dirty, doesn’t it! – it seems only fair to return the favour. And even if I can’t tell you in person right now, I thought you might like me leaving you a message…

Even though I do have some fantasies about you dressed up for me as a French maid or a nurse, most of the time, I’m just thinking about the ‘normal’ you when I wank. You smell so good and taste so wonderful that just remembering it is enough to get me off.

I think about you sitting in my desk chair, your legs wide open and thrown over the arms of the chair. I imagine kneeling in front of you and just breathing on your clit until I see you start to get wet. I love seeing you get wet for me. It makes me want to taste you, suck on your clit and make you come with my tongue.

There’s a little noise you make when you’re getting really horny – a kind of whimper. I wish I could record it so I could play it back to myself when I wank. As it is, I just have to rely on my memory, thinking of your groan and knowing you want me to take things further. When I hear it, I’ll tease your lips with light touches, flickering my tongue out to taste your salty sweetness, then I’ll lap your clit steadily and slip my fingers inside you. I’ll give you just one finger to start with, slipping in slowly and working my way in as your warmth envelops me. When I feel you start to arch up against my fingers, I’ll slip another one in, splaying my fingers slightly so I can look inside your pussy and slip my tongue between your lips.

I’ll strum my fingers against your G-spot, my tongue working over you clit all the while, until you start to push into my mouth, ready to give me your climax. I get harder when I think about this moment. You look so beautiful when you come. But once is never enough, and, when your orgasm dies down, and I’ve kissed you hard, I’ll start all over again.

After I’ve pleasured you a couple of times, you’ll be a bit hot and bothered so I’ll scoop you up in my arms and carry you through to the shower. I’ll soap you down, starting with your back, which I’ll massage as I wash you. I’ll already be hard from tasting you but seeing the water cascade over your curves will turn me on so much it almost hurts.

After I’ve eased all the tension out of you with a lingering soapy massage, I’ll turn you round and start caressing your breasts. Your nipples will harden at my touch and soon you’ll be pressing against me, urging me on.

I’ll move my hand down to your clit and start to stroke it, moving my finger down to feel how wet you are, how much you want me. By now you’ll be dripping from my earlier ministrations, and the feeling of my hard cock against you. I’ll use the shower head to spray water over your clit while I push my fingers into you. And just as it’s beginning to get too much for you, when you’re pleading with me to come inside you, I’ll pull back and kiss you. I’ll tangle my hands in your wet hair, use it to pull your lips to mine as my tongue leisurely explores your mouth. Even though I’m ready to burst by now, there’s no need to rush. Only when I feel you slick against my thigh, grinding against me, will I slide into you, inch by inch, achingly slowly, making you squirm against me and beg for more.

The way you writhe against me, all wet and soapy, will be too much for me to cope with for long though. Soon, I’ll have to slam into you, sinking myself up to the hilt. After all the teasing, I’ll be so close to the edge that I could come within two or three thrusts. But I’ll carry on, slower again, until I feel your muscles clench around me again. And again. And again.

Then I’ll lead you out of the shower, wrap you in a huge fluffy towel and take you into the bedroom. If you want to know what happens there, give me a call…

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