Erotica: Fair Game

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Annalise and I were bored. We’d been workmates for five years and flatmates for three but that wasn’t the problem. We got on brilliantly and even had the occasional snog when we were pissed. Both of us were flirtatious, up for a good time and attractive enough to turn heads, at least on a good night. But our social life was hitting a distinct slump. At 28, we were too old to hang out on the student scene but too young to enjoy the dinner party crowd. Our mates were getting married, having babies and weren’t exactly into clubbing any more. So when the party invitation came through from James – ‘Do you like to play games? If so, we’d like to play with you. Shot Glass Chess, DJs and so much more.’ – we were the first to RSVP.

James was an old friend from work. While we’d focussed on working our way up the marketing agency, he’d struck out on his own and set up a website. He offered us jobs for a low wage but large chunk of stock. Even though we were impressed with his attitude and guts at taking the risk, neither of us was brave enough to make the move.

Then came the dotcom crash. We congratulated ourselves on being sensible and said he could stay at ours if he lost his house. When he came out the other side unscathed and a millionnaire, we regretted our lack of faith but were still up for letting him stay. James was cute, dark and gentlemanly but had that glint that made you know he’d be bad for a girl in so many good ways. As we both fancied him, Annalise and I had decided the only fair thing to do if he stayed would be to share. Sadly, our offer wasn’t as attractive to him as his Butler’s Wharf apartment – although I don’t think he realised what he was really being offered.

His parties had a reputation for being fun. We’d heard that his last one had descended into an orgy after a heated game of naked Twister. Even though we weren’t sure whether it was true or not, it was certainly the kind of thing that would perk up our dull social life.

We spent hours getting ready. By the time we’d got our hair cut, bought new outfits and lingerie and raided the local department store for new make-up and perfume, we’d spent a fortune but we knew it would be money well spent.

“Let’s get some champagne in.” said Annalise.

Who was I to disagree? We toasted our return to a decent social life, sure that James would deliver a fun night.

Half a bottle of champagne each on an empty stomach was not the best idea. By the time we got to the party, we were already giggly. When James opened the door, we fought over who got to hug him first and he led us, smiling, to the front room.

“Great to see you. You both look as gorgeous as ever. Want to join us? Mark and I are about to start playing.”

He gestured at the shot glass chess set in the centre of the room. As it was about the only space available that wasn’t rammed with people, we joined them.

“Play chess?” James said.

“I used to but haven’t for ages.”

“You’ll soon pick it up. It’s like normal chess but with shot glasses instead of pieces. His are filled with tequila. Mine are filled with dark rum. You drink every piece you take. You can help me dispose of my shots while you learn. I assume you like tequila?”

He stroked my arm as he spoke, sending a shudder of lust through me. I knew that I got dangerous on tequila and seemed to remember telling him so one night when we were pissed.

Annalise shot me a filthy look and went to sit next to Mark, stroking his thigh and staring at me as if to say ‘You’re not the only one who can pull.’ She’d copped off with Mark before and had come back raving about how well hung he was but he was so busy with work that it had never been repeated. As James’s business partner, he was always working on some new innovation or other. From the look on his face, tonight could be her lucky night.

Mark started the game. Before long, James had taken one of his pawn shots and handed it to me.

“Down in one.”

“Got any lime and salt?”

Michale raised one eyebrow.

“Fussy. Wait a sec.”

He went to the kitchen and returned with the necessary acompaniments. I slammed back the tequila and sucked on the lime, savouring the warm glow inside me. Mark fought back and soon Annalise was downing a dark rum.

Four shots later, we were both at that dangerously daring stage of drunkenness.

“Be right back. Just nipping to the ladies.” I said.

“I’ll come with you.”

Annalise and I headed off to the loo, stumbling and laughing all the way.

“I’m not going to be able to carry on drinking at this pace.” I said.

“Me either. But we don’t want to look like wusses.”

“Well, we could give them a reason to drink…”

“Go on.”

Annalise whispered in my ear. Her idea was evil, fun and most definitely different from our usual Saturday night.

“Sure. I’m up for it if you are.” We headed back to the boys, impressed at our cunning.

“What took you so long?” said James.

“We’ve had an idea.” said Annalise.


“We’re doing all the drinking here. That’s not fair. So we’ve got an offer for you. If either of you can manage to drink the rest of the shots over the course of the game, and can still get it up afterwards, you get both of us.”

“In what respect?” James knew what we meant but I don’t think he could quite believe it.

“In any respect you like, for the whole night.” I said.

The boys were shocked into silence, imagining the pair of us doing whatever they wanted, but it didn’t take long for them to say yes.

“Game on?” said James.

“Absolutely!” said Mark.

Somehow, the game seemed to get faster from that point. Annalise and I had moved on to beer and were feeling pleasantly flirtatious. She was stroking Mark’s thigh, moving gradually higher and higher. I responded by kissing James’s neck, slowly and teasingly.

“I really want you to win. I’d love to share your cock with Annalise, both of us licking it at the same time.” I whispered in his ear and saw his cock harden underneath his jeans.

As Mark downed another shot, benefitting from James’s distraction, Annalise began to undo his shirt. Sliding one of her hands onto his bare chest, she began stroking a clearly visible path towards his cock. Reaching his jeans, she undid the top of the button fly and slid a slim finger underneath the waistband to reach his straining cock. The party was so crowded that no-one noticed what we were doing.

James won the next shot and while he was downing it, I took advantage and undid his fly. Sliding my hand in, I was surprised to find he was going ‘commando’. His hard cock was already getting wet with precum and I rubbed it in, feeling him stiffen further at my touch. I was getting wet myself; having him in my hand, being so outrageous at a party and knowing that Annalise was watching my every move was giving me the horn.

As the game progressed, we teased the boys more and more. I was desperate to feel James’s hands on me but was sure he was going to win and savoured the anticipation. If the rumours I’d hear about his tongue were true, I was in for a good night.

With only two shots each left on the board, both boys were still going strong. OK, so Annalise and I were doing our best to keep them hard, both wanting ‘our’ man to win out of some strange sense of competition, but I suddenly realised what we’d promised. If both of them could get it up then both of them would get to share us.

“Ladies, now!” I said to Annalise. Mark and James looked disappointed as we wandered off, leaving them in a state of arousal.

“Don’t worry, back in a minute.” I said.

As soon as we were out of earshot, I explained my fear to Annalise.

“Shit. But then again… it could be fun.”

Annalise and I had shared our fantasies with each other before and agreed that two men might be better than one.

“What the hell.”

We went back to the lads, discussing what we’d do and smiling at our dirty thoughts.

“Still playing?” asked James.

“Oh yes.” we replied, returning to them and resuming our teasing. It didn’t take long to get them up to full firmness – quite impressive given the amount they’d drunk – and when Mark announced “Checkmate”, none of us were really thinking about chess.

“So girls, who’s the winner?” said James.

“We’ll have to test you.” I knelt over and took James’s cock in my mouth. It twitched in my mouth and I swirled my tongue over the tip, savouring the taste of him.

“Seems pretty hard to me. Annalise?” She pulled away from Mark who’d been having the same treatment from her tongue.

“He’s hard. Wanna swap?”

We knew this would take Mark and James by surprise. We moved places and I stroked Mark’s cock. She hadn’t been lying about the size. It was almost as thick as the bottles of beer we’d been drinking and it took all my skills to get his length down my throat. I could hear James’s moans as Annalise tended to his cock and knew she was loving it as much as I was. We sat up.

“I guess you’ve both won.” I said, innocently.

“So who gets the prize?” said James.

“You’ll have to share it.” said Annalise.

Although the boys were clearly surprised, they didn’t have any qualms.

“I suggest we go somewhere more spacious.” said James. He stood up and we followed him up the stairs to his room.

As soon as we got inside, I began stripping. I wasn’t wearing a bra under my dress so within seconds, I was standing in nothing but skimpy knickers and my stockings.

Annalise followed suit. She’s rather better endowed than me so was wearing a basque underneath her dress. She looked gorgeous. I couldn’t help myself. I walked over to her, took her head between my hands and kissed her. She’s always been a great snog; full lips and an insistent but delicate tongue. In my current state of arousal, I got really into it and so did she. Her hand snaked behind my head and it wasn’t until we heard the distinctive sound of wanking that we remembered we had company. We turned to face Mark and James and sure enough, they were there, cocks out, enjoying the view.

“Want a show then?” I asked them, looking at Annalise who nodded her approval.

“Fuck, yes.” said James.

“Well, what you want, you get.” I pulled Annalise to the king-size bed, knelt astride her and pushed her basque down so that I could stroke her tits. Seeing her hard nipples was too much for me – I had to have them in my mouth. I kissed down her neck and shoulders, heightening the anticipation, until she was begging me to touch her properly. I sucked on each nipple in turn, hands moving softly over her breasts then trailing down her body. She arched up to meet my touch and I slid one finger slowly over her clit, pleased to feel that it was hard, that she was as wet as I was. I had to taste her. I brought my wet finger to my lips and licked off her juices.

“You taste amazing.”

“So taste me properly.” she said.

I kissed down her body then slid her knickers over her hips. James and Mark were transfixed. I parted her lips with my fingers, showing her off to them, then bent over to breathe in her perfume before licking her clit. At the first touch of my tongue, she gasped and pushed up into my face. I licked firmly and steadily, determined to make her come in my face. Holding her open with one hand, I slid one finger of the other hand inside her, continuing to tease her with my tongue. Her breathing was getting heavy and her juices were flowing more freely. I pushed another finger, then another into her until three were up her and I was fucking her with my fingers. Her clit was getting harder beneath my tongue. I knew she was close to coming. I was sucking her clit, taking her to the edge when…

“Don’t mind me.” James was behind me, his voice hoarse with lust. He slid a finger into me and realised I was so wet that it was dripping down my thighs.

“Fuck me.” I begged.

I felt his cock push against me and then – god – he was inside me. Feeling him inside me while I had my face buried between my best mate’s thighs was amazing.

Looking up, I could see that Mark was busy too. He was kneeling across Annalise’s face and she was hungrily sucking on his huge cock. I was licking her in time with James’s thrusts and soon, the combination of my fingers and tongue with the lewd scenario playing out was too much for her. She came hard in my face, covering my face with her juices. I carried on breathing across her, making the orgasm last as long as I could and only moving my fingers out of her when her muscles stopped contracting.

James turned me over so I was lying face up between her naked thighs. He kissed me, tasting her juices in my mouth, then slid his cock back inside me fucking me harder and harder. I gripped his arse, rocking against him and knowing it wasn’t going to take long. He was incredible. He’d positioned himself so that his cock rubbed my clit with every thrust. I’m not sure if it was size or technique but he was doing things that proved my G-spot did exist. I could hear Mark’s groans in the background and knew he was going to come in Annalise’s mouth at any second. Feeling my clit and G-spot being stimulated and having such a rude image pop into my head sent me over the edge. I came hard around him, crying with pleasure and struggling to breathe, the intensity was so great. Mark groaned hard and I could tell he was coming too.

As soon as my head stopped spinning, I moved up to Annalise and kissed her, tasting Mark’s come in her mouth. Mark was lying next to her and James moved to lie next to me.

“Good game.” I said. “Think anyone else would like to play?”

“We haven’t finished with you yet.” said James.

Annalise and I smiled at each other. Our social life was certainly getting a lot more interesting.»

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