Erotica: Shopping Around

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I always used to think that doing the weekly shop was boring – until the day I pulled a couple of gorgeous blokes outside my local supermarket.

When I left the house, I hadn’t had anything more in mind than stocking up the fridge for the week ahead. As usual, I’d gone mad and bought far more than I could possibly carry, so was struggling out of the supermarket when I bumped into Ben, a guy I’d met at a party the week before and had shared a snog with in the back seat of a cab on my way home. I’d wanted to take things further but my boyfriend was due round the next morning so I didn’t think I could get away with it. Ben was with a blonde guy I’d never met before but really wanted to get to know better the second I saw him.

‘Hi gorgeous.’ said Ben. ‘Want a hand with those?’
‘You angel! If you could help me back with them to the flat that would be ace.’
‘No probs. This way?’ he gestured towards my street and we headed off.

When we got back it only seemed fair to offer them a beer to say thanks and they willingly accepted. Soon, we were sat in my room chain-smoking and getting happily pissed. As frequently happens in these situations, the conversation turned to sex.
‘So what do you fantasise about then?’ Ben asked me.
‘I’m not going to tell you that!’
‘Come on, we’ll tell you ours if you tell us yours.’ He turned to his gorgeous blonde friend Jake, who eagerly nodded in agreement.
‘I’m still not telling you.’
‘How about we throw a few ideas at you and you say yes or no then? And you can ask us too.’
It seemed harmless enough. Little did I know where it would lead.
‘So have you ever thought about…’ Ben put his head on one side to think… ‘copping off with another bird.’
An easy answer. ‘Sure. Haven’t most women? So have you ever thought about another bloke?’ I looked at them both, knowing what their answer would be.
‘No.’ they replied as one.
‘It’s different with blokes. They’re… different.’ was Ben’s lame reply.
‘My turn.’ said Jake. ‘Have you ever fantasised about animals.’
‘Eugh! No way.’
My opinion of Jake diminished.
‘Have you ever thought about shagging two blokes at the same time?’ asked Matt, jumping ahead of his turn. I answered anyway.
‘Too much like hard work. Anyway, we’re out of beer. Shall we go to the pub?’
I was getting nervous. Sitting in a room disussing group sex with two gorgeous blokes was just a bit too close for comfort. I didn’t want to do anything I’d regret.

Two hours later we came out of the pub. By that time,I’d played them both at pool for various sexual forfeits, had way too many beers and was feeling decidedly frisky. My boyfriend was away for the week so I decided to invite them back for coffee.

As we walked up the stairs to my room, we all seemed to notice the change in mood. The casual flirting was still there but we all knew we could go further than before. Both of them had groped me on our way up the stairs and I’d returned both gropes with an intimate and friendly squeeze, ascertaining that they were more than adequately endowed to satisfy a woman.

We got up to my room and I grabbed a bottle of imported vodka. ‘This is all I’ve got I’m afraid.’ They both seemed happy enough and soon we were swigging down strong vodka with flat coke.
‘So, you owe us both your chastity then.’said Jake.
‘The last game of pool. You said you were playing for your chastity and you lost. I mean, we won’t hold you to it if you’re uncomfortable with the idea…’
‘No, we wouldn’t want you to do anything you didn’t want to…’ said Ben.
I looked at them, one blonde, broad and tanned, the other dark, pale and toned. ‘What the hell.’ I thought. You only live once.’ As it was, I’d already been thinking in that direction and my cunt was getting wet. Playing it cool, I looked at both of them and shrugged.
‘I wouldn’t want you to say I don’t pay my gambling debts…’
‘If you’re sure.’ said Jake, and the next thing I knew, I had a pair of lips fastened to either side of my neck. Always a weak spot, I’d never realised how good it would feel to have twin tongues playing their way over both of my shoulder blades, heavy breathing in both ears, both earlobes being nibbled at the same time. My clit pulsed and I could feel myself getting wetter.

‘Do you mind if I take this off?’ Jake murmered in my ear, pulling at my top.’Not at all’ I replied. His strong hands traced down my torso and gripped at my top, pulling it off over my head in a single movement. They both groaned as the saw my round breasts, topped with rock-hard nipples and soon, they had a nipple each in their mouths. I arched my back, pushing my tits into their faces and marvelling at the contrast between them. One blonde head, one dark head both focussed on giving me pleasure. My clit twitched again and as if they sensed it, I started to feel their hands moving down to my wet hole.Until then, it had been sensuous, erotic, enjoyable – but when I felt two fingers from different men’s hands slide up my cunt it felt dirty. Jake started to kiss his way down my body, still frigging my cunt, while Ben licked his fingers so that he could slide three up me, stretching my cunt-lips wide. When Jake reached my clit and was sucking it at the same time as Ben slowly slid a fourth finger into me, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. Very soon I’d come hard in Jake’s face and Ben had brought his fingers up to my mouth for me to lick clean. That set off an oral craving and I moved down the bed to suck on Ben’s cock while Jake fucked me from behind. I was getting filled in two holes at the same time and was loving every second of it.

Ben was clearly as horny as I was and before too long he shot his creamy load down my throat. I swallowed every drop, loving the fact that he was coming for me while Jake was still fucking me. I pushed back onto Jake’s hard cock as I lapped the last remains of cum from the tip of Ben’s cock and came hard around him. Jake was still going strong, so I decided to up the pace. ‘If you want…’ I smiled sweetly at Jake ‘you can fuck me up the arse – as long as you wear something.’ He looked as if he’d won the lottery and eagerly moved his cock up to my tight brown hole, pulling a condom on in record time. By this time, it was well lubricated by my own juices so he slid in easily. I gasped as he pushed his length into me then looked up equally innocently at Ben, despite the fact that Jake’s cock was buried deep up my arse.

‘I’d love to feel your cock up my cunt at the same time, if you get dressed.’ Jake lifted me up so that Ben could easily move underneath me, after pulling on his condom. I straddled his cock and slid onto it, feeling fuller than I ever had before with one cock up my arse and another up my cunt. I rocked against them both, feeling more sensation than I’d ever had before, overwhelmed by lust, knowing that my boyfriend would be outraged if he knew what I was doing right now – but I didn’t care. I rode them both, getting hornier and hornier until my juices were pouring down my thighs.
‘Coming, I’m coming’ I groaned and they both shot their load into my waiting holes. We collapsed in a heap on the bed, sweat pouring from us and the smell of sex lingering heavily in the air.

After a while, I decided to kick them out. Two lots of fucking was fine. Two lots of snoring wasn’t. ‘Sorry boys – the other half’s back tomorrow so you’ll have to go.’ I gave them both deep kisses as they left and we knew that whatever else happened, that night had been fun for all concerned.

As I lay on my bed after they’d gone, I ran a finger between my cunt lips, feeling my wetness. I sucked my finger savouring the taste of my well fucked pussy. The next time I went to the supermarket, ‘two for the price of one’ would mean something entirely different to me.

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