Erotica: Legal Affairs

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Ben was a lawyer. I’d noticed him at the bar one night, talking with his colleagues about one of his cases. He didn’t act like a  typical lawyer: he seemed to genuinely care about his client, and making sure justice was done. I watched him out the corner of my eye as he defended himself for being ‘naive’ to an older woman with silver hair. His sandy hair, stylish clothes and dirty grin appealed immediately. I’d just split up with my boyfriend – a cheating piece of scum – so I was after a new man and he looked like he’d be a damn good replacement.

I waited until he went to the bar before I made my move, standing alongside him and commenting on his choice of wine, I could tell the attraction was mutual, when he smiled into my eyes and started outlining the benefits of the different wines on the list, touching my arm for emphasis. We flirted for a while and he invited me to join his friends. The tension between us was obvious, though, so his colleagues soon filtered off and, when he offered to walk me home, I eagerly agreed.

When he kissed me goodnight, I invited him in for coffee. He was surprised – I like shy men – but didn’t complain. It didn’t take long for us to start snogging. He knew exactly what he was doing and soon I was feeling incredibly horny. It had been a while since I’d had any fun and I was in need of a fuck. “I don’t know if we should rush things.” He said. But when I unzipped his fly and took his cock to the back of my throat, his objections soon faded.

I really went for it. While my tongue played with the tip of his cock, my lips worked right down to the base. My hand moved in time with my mouth and I could tell it wouldn’t take long to make him come.

I was desperate for him to touch me and stripped off my top. I never wear a bra so he could see my pert tits and hard nipples. He let out a groan as I leaned over and slid his cock between my tits. I rubbed his shaft between my tits, licking the head every time it neared my mouth.

“Fuck.” He groaned.

“I haven’t even started yet!” I said, pushing my skirt down and peeling off my thong.

Resuming my oral ministrations, I slid my finger between my lips, starting to bring myself off in front of him. His cock got even harder in my mouth as he watched me play with myself. It always does the trick. Before long, he was spurting down my throat.

By now, I really needed that fuck. He was more than happy to do as I asked – but not before he had some fun of his own. He moved his hand down to join mine and slid a finger into me while I rubbed my clit. Our fingers were slick with my juices and when he brought his fingers to my lips, I eagerly licked my juices from them. He kissed me, loving that he could taste me on my own lips, then started stroking my breasts and kissing his way down my body.

When he reached my clit, I moved my hand away.

“Don’t stop.” He said, moving my hand back.

I started to stroke myself again and he lapped at my clit, licking over my fingers and making me moan with pleasure. It didn’t take me long to come. As soon as I did, he moved up and pushed his cock into me. My muscles were still twitching in orgasm as he entered me, so the sensation was fantastic.

He took his time, hard and slow, fucking me so skilfully I could feel him teasing my clit and g-spot with every thrust. I clenched my muscles around him and he groaned in pleasure. “I’m going to come soon.” He warned me. I pushed up to meet his thrusts and felt him start to pulse inside me. That sent me over the edge.

He held me close as we lay recovering from our exertions. “I’ll have to come and see you at work.” I whispered. “Is it contempt of court if we fuck on the bench?” He looked nervous. “Only joking.” I smiled. Or at least, that was what I wanted him to think…

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