Erotica: Messing Around in Boats

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My grandfather had always waxed lyrical about the river, saying it was the only place that he could truly forget his cares. He’d often invited me fishing with him, telling me that I’d love the cove, but I’d always declined. So when he died, and left me his fishing gear, it seemed only fair to pay him the respect of following his wishes.

He’d left me a map to his favourite cove, though he’d described it to me so many times I’m sure I could have found it. When I arrived, it was deserted but I set my gear up, remembering what he’d shown me when he was trying to lure me to go fishing with him, and sat there, thinking about his life. He’d been a good old boy although I felt guilty I hadn’t seen him more since my grandmother died ten years before. He must have been lonely but I never seemed to have enough time to fit him in.

As the water rippled, sun glinting on it, and thoughts entered and left my head in a relaxed way, I could see what he’d loved. There was something peaceful about sitting there alone, nothing to worry about but the nibbling of a fish. I was starting to doze off when I heard a clattering noise behind me and turned.

“Sorry. I dropped my oars. I hope I haven’t scared the fish away.”
In front of me was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen: a natural redhead with freckles and the cutest smile.

“I don’t think it’s my day,” I said. “Beginner’s luck not working for me.”
“It’s your first time?” I could have sworn I saw a naughty twinkle in her eye but put it down to wishful thinking.

“Yep. My granddad always asked me to come but I never did – and now, it’s too late.”
“Aww, you poor thing. So you need someone to show you what to do. Come with me.”
The siren gestured towards the boats.
“I’ll take you out to the middle of the lake where the fish really bite.”
“I can’t,” I laughed. Tempting as the idea was, I didn’t want to have to move all my kit – it had taken an age to set up.
“But I hate going alone,” she pouted. “I like having a big strong man around to help me pull the fishes in. Please.”
Her pout was adorable but still I shook my head.

“Pretty please.” As she spoke, I couldn’t believe what I saw before my eyes. She was peeling her top off to show the most delectable breasts I’d seen in years.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Trying to tempt you,” she laughed. “It gets lonely living all the way out here. There aren’t many handsome men like you around.”

She was continuing to strip as she spoke and was now totally naked. “I know what you like,” she said, and dropped to her knees, crawling along the planks of the jetty towards me. My cock was rigid, and all thought of resistance was rapidly fading. When she reached me, and pulled at my belt to release my stiff member, I’d have had to be a saint to resist.

“He wants to come with me,” she said, pointing at my cock, then dropped her head to slip it between her full pink lips. Her tongue was incredible, but that was nothing to the suction as she swirled her mouth up and down my shaft. Just as I was about to come, she pulled away.

“Of course, if you don’t like me…” she teased, and knelt back, stroking her gorgeous body.

“Of course I like you,” I gasped, desperate to feel her lips once more.

“Really?” she said, splaying her legs to reveal a perfect pouting pink pussy.

“Really,” I said, standing up and moving towards her.
“Then we go on my boat,” she said, and elegantly pulled her legs back together before walking towards the vessel. “Bring your equipment with you. And after, I will show you how we celebrate a good catch. It’s a tradition that’s been passed down since my grandmother’s day. I think you will like it.”

And suddenly, my grandfather’s enthusiasm for fishing made a lot more sense to me. What could I do but follow in the family footsteps?

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