Books: The Field Guide to F*cking

Field guides to birds, bees, and trees abound. However, until now, there has been no handy reference to the intricacies of human mating rituals. The Field Guide to F*CKING (Quiver Books, June 2012, £14.99) by Emily Dubberley is an essential companion for anyone who wants the best sex possible: learn how to classify each genus of genitalia and identify your match; explore the chemistry of seduction; and understand bizarre seduction rituals that are used in pursuit of coitus.

What should one do with a mushroom-headed penis? Which position is best for a well-endowed man and his tiny partner? How best should one approach pierced genitalia? This ‘no-holes barred’ guide teaches scholars how to identify their body blueprint, seek out a genitally compatible mate, and ensure that the resultant foreplay and coitus deliver optimum results. Simply put, the book teaches readers how to map out their partner’s primary erogenous zones and decode sexual signals based on body language, kissing, and touch techniques.

Sex has attracted many adventurers in search of its oft-elusive pleasures. The Field Guide to F*CKING is an indispensable guide to navigating the rocky terrain of mating and seduction with ease. As Robert Page, Creator/Producer of award winning Lovers’ Guide, the world’s number one brand for sex and relationships says:

“Emily Dubberley is a refreshing and thorough coach, taking students by the hand and various other parts of their anatomy in this most crucial area of human interaction. The Field Guide to F***ing is a valuable new take on the subject, giving life lessons in life-making (if you’re not careful about it). So many treatises of this kind are dreary and dull but this has a wit and sparkle to keep the reader, ahem – eager student, happily at his of her education. It reminds one of the Survivor’s Guide series, actually brimming with facts and unusual ‘I never knew that’s’, but a rollicking fun read too, to keep you riveted.”

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