Artcore: Ms Coco De Ville

Coco Deville, is on the way up. As a performer, she’s already conquered the underground with ease and started to attract mainstream attention. Now, she’s producing regular Cabaret! Cabaret! Shows and has a legion of fans.

So how did it all start? “I’m a trained performance artist but dance wise, I have just revelled in natural ability and picked up new moves on my journeys. That’s the joy of cabaret – you can play up to your strengths.”

And what can audiences expect to see if they book tickets to a Coco Deville show? “My favourite act is ‘La Reine Sauvage’: the savage queen. I enter the stage as a Amazonian tribal goddess performing a dance ritual/striptease down to traditional pasties and matching C string – a great piece of costume since it give you the appearance and modesty of a merkin, yet gives a performer confidence by not literally show everything like a G string.”. This act displays my dance background but with a fetish and theatrical slant. I’m proud to say there is nothing like it on the circuit. It always receives a ridiculously amazing audience response, which is the most important factor.”

Does Coco feel sexy on stage? “I feel sexiness can be misconstrued with confidence, though the two do go hand in hand. I must admit though, I do love the ego boost. When I’m welcomed by Cheshire cat grins and earn a rapturous applause at the end of a show, the sense of pride is pretty addictive.”

So what does Coco find attractive? “Passion, creativity and humility. As a given, I am drawn to people who are all round showmen full stop; That aren’t shy of the spotlight and that ooze confidence. Granted these are requirements of the burlesque scene in general ,so in all fairness, I am enamoured with a lot of people!”

We love you too, Coco.

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