Book Extract: Uniform Behaviour

Uniform Behaviour

Carla was pissed off. She’d made an awful lot of effort for this event, and it was totally bombing. As a freelance journalist, you never know when you’ll need a favour, so Carla had dressed up and attended in order to keep everyone happy. The evening was the launch of some perfume or another – it was basically an excuse for a glitzy party and some networking. Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t doing anything for Carla, networking or otherwise.

Hell, the party was posh enough. There was plenty of food and drink to go around, but the company sucked. All the fun people clearly had better things to do this evening. Which is why Carla was displaying behaviour most unlike her; she was being a wallflower. There were hardly any people around that she knew, and the ones she did know, she didn’t particularly like.

Lurking in the corner, she observed. Not that there was much to look at. Bores chatting amongst themselves, bouncy PR girls talking up the product, stuffing samples into pockets and handbags, and waiters whizzing around with trays of champagne.

I need to get me some of that, thought Carla. Some bubbles might make the evening go more quickly.

She sidled out of her corner and moved towards the centre of the room, ready to snag a glass from the next tray that zipped past. Seconds later, a waiter headed in her direction. However, by the time the contents of his tray were in grabbing distance, Carla had forgotten all about the champagne.

The guy was gorgeous. How on earth had she not noticed him before? The evening would have been much more interesting had she had some eye candy to perv on. And this fella was definitely eye candy. Boxes of it, in fact.

Reaching across to claim her flute of bubbles, Carla took the opportunity to study the waiter more closely. She reckoned he was around the same age as her. He was tall; incredibly tall, actually. Six foot four or so, Carla guessed. He towered over her, even though she wore heels. He had dark hair, roughly chin length and clearly with a mind of its own. A cute snub nose and big baby blues simply added to the vision of gorgeousness before her. And that was before taking his attire into consideration.

Carla had never really thought about it before, but she decided there and then that waiters’ get-ups were hot. They were just so prim and proper-looking, with their pristine white shirts, natty bow ties and sharp creases. It was also what it represented – polite society and good behaviour. Carla immediately wanted to corrupt him. She was sure he was no angel, despite his current persona, but still – in a uniform like that, she could pretend.

Thanking the waiter for her drink and treating him to a broad smile and a dash of the come-to-bed eyes, Carla retreated to her corner. Presently, as the alcohol did its work and her imagination got fired up, Carla decided the only way to alleviate the boredom of the evening would be to make some entertainment of her own. And that included the mighty fine waiter, she surmised. Yes, it was time for some corruption.

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