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Chasing Sin

Chasing Sin is a super hot novella from Sara Brookes. It tells the tale of Kate, a woman who risks her life chasing violent storms in order to collect data on them and help understand them better. Her closest friends Snyder and Tripp share her passion. But more than that, as well as being lovers, they also want Kate in their bed – and their lives.

When a situation gets out of hand, Tripp and Snyder are forced to intervene and try to make Kate see sense. Sexual tension between the three of them boils over, and the boys get what they’ve wanted for so long – an explosive night of no-holds-barred sex. Sadly, though, that’s as far as it goes. Although the men wanted more, Kate decides that she doesn’t want to get in between what they have together, and leaves. Tripp and Snyder are far from happy – but can’t really do anything about it as their jobs force them far away from Kate.

A few months down the line, however, and the three of them are forced together once more. They’re facing down a powerful hurricane together, and when things take a turn for the worst, they must stick together and hope that they live through the storm. But in the meantime, their close proximity means that there’s time to talk about their situation, and act on the passion that’s flared up once more.

Chasing Sin is a fabulous read. It’s unique, well-written, has fabulous characters and totally hot sex. If you like ménage stories where the guys are getting it on with each other as well as the girl, then you should definitely check this out. It’s smokin’!

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