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The Lord of Summer

The Lord of Summer is one of the novellas released as part of Xcite Books’ The Secret Library range. And boy, is it hot!

It’s the story of Gemma and Dan Parker, a married couple who work for a brewery, running various pubs. For some reason, they’ve recently been sent to a pub in the middle of nowhere and they have no idea why. Or do they?

As they work hard to get the Green Man ready for re-opening, they find themselves less able to repress the hidden desires they’ve kept quiet for so long. Gem sees someone watching her and her husband make love – and rather than being worried or repulsed by it, it turns her on. Her secret fantasy of having two men at once is thrust to the forefront of her mind, and before long, she can’t stop thinking about it. Soon, she realises that the otherworldly man lurking in the forest could be the perfect candidate to make her sexy dreams come true, and help her and Dan purge their marriage of the secrets that threaten it.

The Lord of Summer is a seriously hot read. I enjoyed the paranormal element in the mostly contemporary story, and found the characters likeable, realistic and well-written. The plot and setting are excellent, and the sex scenes are smokin’! I found the story very engaging and sexy, and will definitely be looking out for more from Jenna Bright. Recommended.

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