Erotica: Aussie Girl

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Saturday afternoon, half past one.

I sat near the window at Starbucks, getting better acquainted with a latte.  The weather gods were not being kind. Outside, the people of Chelmsford rushed about the street, clad in their macs and wellies.

I really shouldn`t have bothered. “Dylan from work” obviously hadn`t.  Couldn`t blame her though. I mean, in this day and age, who the fuck agrees to a blind date anymore? Oh yeah, I did.

It was all Mel`s fault, really. ‘I work with a lovely girl. You should meet her! You two would get on like a house on fire!’

I agreed, mostly to get Mel off my back. Knowing my luck, “really rather lovely” would mean that she was a bit of a bitch with a penchant for sexism, but rather nice when encountered at the water cooler.

The minutes ticked over to two o`clock. Still no sight of the mysterious Dylan. I sighed, and stood up from my seat.

Suddenly, I felt a light tap on my shoulder.

‘Excuse me. Are you Sara?’

I turned around to see a young woman, fiddling with the wet hem of her skirt. I felt my lips curl into a smile and my breath hitch in my throat.

‘Yes. I really hope you`re Dylan!’ I said.

‘Yes! Oh, thank God, I thought Mel made you up!’

A tiny spark made my belly fizz. She was absolutely stunning. I uttered a quick thank you to Mel.

‘No. I`m very real. Come, sit down.’

Dylan sat down and took a gulp of her coffee. ‘Is this supposed to be summer then?’ she said, looking out the window.

‘Yeah, it`s quite depressing.’ I said. My eyes honed in on her ample cleavage. I could feel my cheeks burning.

‘I miss a bit of sunshine.’ She sighed. “Only, I miss home when it`s teeping down like this.”

‘Where are you from?’

‘The Land Down Under. I`m a true Aussie girl.’

Only then did I realize that her accent seemed completely different from the Essex twang. ‘Oh! I love Australia! Didgeridoos and kangarous and whatnot!’

Dylan chuckled. ‘Well, there are some of those about.’

‘I`m sorry. It`s basically all I know about Australia. I`d love to go someday, but with slightly more knowledge.’

And a ravishing, ample-bosomed guide to take me there.

‘Well, you seem like a top Sheila. What do you want to know?’

We drank our coffees and talked about life in Australia versus life in Essex. I couldn`t stop looking at her plump, rosy lips. Hooked on her every word.

After coffee, I took her to the cathedral square, where we tried to decypher the writing on the gravestones.

‘B….E…J… Ehm, I have no idea.’I said, plonking down on the grass.

“Good, because I have no idea too. How old are these?”

‘Probably hundreds of years old.’

‘Hmm. Imagine being alive back then. No fun to be had anywhere.’

‘True. We probably would be frowned upon.’

‘Of course. All the cool people would be frowned upon. You were only allowed to be a boring git. No freedom of expression, sexuality was a moot point… It wouldn`t be fun.’

With that, she grabbed my hand and placed a kiss on the palm. ‘But luckily, we live in different times.’

She snuggled up against me, and my belly fizzed again.

We walked on, and ended up at a sex shop near the station. Dylan had to pull me inside. The man at the counter frowned at the sight of a sprightly Aussie lass, bouncing about.

‘How the hell is this supposed to go in anything?’ she said, holding a huge double-ender in her hands. I furrowed my brows at the pink monster.

‘You could use it as a doorstop.’

‘Or for a friendly game of dildo jousting!’

‘What the hell is that?’

‘Swordfighting with dildos. Hurts much, much less. Although I wouldn`t know with this one.’

She swished and swooshed the dildo about, and my composure failed me. I broke out into a giggle.

We left in a hurry, holding hands, nearly forgetting to put down the dildo.


‘There`s a lot of pigeons here.’she said. We had ended up in the Central Park, sitting cross-legged on the grass. Dylan fiddled with flowers.

‘Yeah. Chelmsford has a high pigeon turn-over.’

She chuckled, which made me chuckle. ‘It`s something to be very proud of.’ she said, nodding earnestly.

I stretched and lay back on the grass, letting the warm sun cradle me. Dylan followed suit, and swung her arm around my waist.

‘So, am I making a good impression?’

I turned to her, and looked into her eyes. ‘I`m not regretting showing up anymore.’

‘Good. I like you too. And I kinda want to do something.’

‘What do you want to do?’

Before I knew it, Dylan grabbed me and kissed me full on the lips. It lasted three full seconds, but I could have gone on forever. My breath caught in my throat again, and I could feel my cunt trembling.

‘Test the waters.’

She grinned like a little minx.


We made plans for dinner next week. As we said goodbye, Dylan leaned in and whispered ‘You are a sexy girl, you know.’

I watched her walk away. No, scratch that, I watched her skip away, giggling.

The next few days were spent compulsively checking my phone. Every text made my heart leap into my throat. Every word turned me on. I didn`t want to fuck it up. I wanted her.

I discussed it with Mel, over coffee.

‘So. I fixed you up, and it worked?’ she said, eating carrot cake.

‘Yes, Mel, I`ve told you three times now!’

‘I know. It`s just so surprising. Anyway, what are you worrying about? She likes you and you clearly like her, seeing as you`ve been fiddling with your phone for the last half hour.’

‘I don`t know!’ I said, guiltily putting my phone away. ‘I just want this to go right. I don`t want to be all googly moogly.’

Mel peered at me. ‘Define googly moogly?’

‘Never mind! I just don`t want to fuck this up. I rarely get a second chance.’

‘Sara, you have nothing to worry about. Dylan likes you. Trust me.’


I didn`t trust Mel for a mile. Standing outside the restaurant, I checked my phone, eager for a message. Nothing.

I knew this would happen. I knew she`d back out and leave me here like a wally. Sighing, I tucked my phone away and turned to leave, when I felt a tap on my shoulder.

‘What are you doing outside, silly?’

There she was, Dylan, all smiles.  My stomach burst into a flutter of butterflies. She came. She came!

‘You didn`t think I`d stand you up, right?’ she said.

‘I actually did. Sad, isn`t it?’

‘Well, I`m here. Let`s get food.’


The restaurant was busy, as usual.

‘Now that I`m here, I have no idea what to eat.’ I said, secretly thinking that there was one thing I would love to devour…

‘We should order everything on the menu, really.’

‘I`m not that rich, love.’

‘Neither am I. But imagine doing that though. You`d be full for weeks.’

‘I wouldn`t be able to walk. Or function in general.’

She grinned, taking my hand in her hand. I relaxed into my seat and sighed dreamily.

Eventually, the waiter came to take our order.  Over pizza, we shared bits and bobs of our lives.

‘My sister was supportive of me coming out.’ I said. ‘Parents, bit weird about it. Turned out alright in the end though.’

‘My parents were iffy too. They came around though. Guess we were the lucky ones.’

I nodded, trying to concentrate on my food. All I could focus on was her. I didn`t want this night to end.

Later on, we were walking hand in hand, back to my flat. I needed her to come upstairs with me. It was ridiculous really, but I felt drawn to her. I was just hoping that she felt the same…

Too soon, we were outside my building.

‘I had a lot of fun tonight, Sara.’ said Dylan, embracing me. Leaning in close, she teased me with the promise of her sweet kissed. It was maddening.

I took control. I drew her in and took possession of her soft lips. I couldn`t bring myself to let go. Our tongues danced. Our hands roamed. It was bliss. Eventually, we came up for air.

I was very aware of her hands snaking up my blouse. Her hands caressed every inch. I could feel my panties dampen.  She kissed my neck, leaving a ruby red lipstick mark.

‘Please take me upstairs.’ she whispered.


We almost didn`t make it to the bedroom. I had to drag her in there. We fell onto the bed, kissing feverishly. She stood back up and undressed. It took a massive effort. I giggled at Dylan doing the “taking your clothes off for sex”-dance.

‘I could use help, you know!’ she said. I beckoned her closer and unzipped her dress. It fell to the floor, exposing that she had come commando. She was soft curves and freckled skin. Rosy nipples and cute belly button. I reached out to cup her breasts. The feeling left me breathless.

She straddled me. I sucked and licked at the perky buds adorning her breasts. Her giggles mutated into moans. She tangled her fingers in my hair. I feasted.

‘We need to get you undressed, love.’ she said softly. I didn`t want to. I wanted to do this forever. Eventually, she managed to get me up. Slowly, she unbuttoned my blouse, kissing and nibbling on every bare inch. She discarded the blouse, along with the rest of my clothes.

Dylan kissed me again, moaning into my mouth. My thigh slipped between her legs. Her slick pussy left a mark on the hot flesh. I moved my hands between her legs and pressed it into her cleft. She growled deeply, which turned me on to near breaking point.

She took charge, rolling us onto our sides. She slipped her hand between my legs, plunging her fingers into my cunt. In perfect synchronicity, we grazed our fingers over each other`s clits.

I ground down against her hand, as her fingers slipped inside me. I followed suit, and we lay there, finger-fucking. It felt amazing. I could see the pleasure wash over her. Her body was a warm beacon on this cold night.

I slipped a third finger inside her, letting my palm slide over her throbbing clit. She grabbed a handful of my hair and let her head fall back. She was close, and so was I. Her fingers fucked me harder, reaching that spot, that one spot that felt so incredibly good. It made me want to scream out.

I kissed her, and felt her climax wash over her. Her body dissolved into tremors. Her legs tensed up. I tried hard to concentrate, but seconds later, I could feel my own climax taking hold of me.

I trembled in her arms, whispering in her ear.


Before I had the chance to say anything else, Dylan sat up and dived between my legs. I shuddered, as I felt her tongue exploring my cunt. My fingers entangled in her hair, my hand pushed her closer. She devouered me, fucked me with her mouth.

It didn`t take long for me to come again. I could feel all the blood rushing from top to bottom to top again.

‘Oh Jesus, Dylan!’ I cried out, as she surfaced, her face slick with my juices. She grinned like a wicked witch.

‘Now… where are your lovely toys? Because this isn`t over by a long shot…’

It sounded even sexier in her languid accent. After that, the night dissolved into electric ecstasy…


‘You look beautiful when you come.’

Dylan caressed my face. I felt warm and fuzzy, like being wrapped into a comfortable duvet. ‘You too.’ I said, kissing her cheek.

‘Are you regretting our date?’

‘Never once did I regret it. It led me to you.’

She smiled. ‘Just out of curiosity, do you ever fuck on the second date?’

‘Only with you, love. Now… I think I need to repay the many, many favors you did me tonight.’

‘Oh? And how were you planning to do that?’

Now it was my turn to be wicked. I dived between her legs and feasted all night long.

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