Erotica: It’s the quiet ones you have to watch…

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By way of background, he and I are close friends and he shall remain nameless – I’m sure you understand. Both of us are newly single, and he is 10 years younger than me, rather shy and has had very few relationships. For my part, I’m recently out of a long and somewhat controlling marriage and in need of a good lay! Regardless, I think that he and I are definitely in the “friend zone”. We decide to go away for the weekend – we both need a break given our recent respective break-ups and there’s a jazz festival in a town not too far away.

It is a beautiful night when we arrive before the festival begins and so we go to watch the sunset from a viewpoint that is a short drive from the hotel followed by a few minutes’ walk. We stroll there from the car, chatting about inane rubbish with our arms around the other’s waist – we’ve walked this way a hundred times and so I think nothing of it. We get to the look-out and the sky looks phenomenal – a blaze of oranges and reds. He mentions rather casually that he thinks I used to have a crush on him years ago and he’s curious to know whether I did. Interesting… I say no, I didn’t used to, step behind him playfully, put my arms round his waist and rest my head on his shoulder. I tell him that I still think he’s gorgeous, but not to worry I have no expectations and I do take rejection well. He laughs as he turns round to face me and kisses me full on the mouth, gently at first then his tongue probing mine. Hmm – not what I was expecting and definitely way beyond the friend zone. It’s funny, but I’d always imagined that his beard would be scratchy and am surprised at how soft, sensual, even arousing it feels.

He whispers in my ear that he takes also rejection well. I smile, and kiss him back, our tongues intertwining as I run my fingers through his hair and down his back, Still, I’m surprised to feel his hands under my T-shirt sliding up my belly and fondling my breasts, reaching inside my bra to tweak my nipples while kissing me, making me gasp and then sliding his hand down my belly to the top of knickers. And I thought he was such a shy polite young man… I’m rapidly rethinking this and loving it! He slowly undoes my belt and the buttons on my jeans while looking me straight in the eye and smiling with that twinkle in his eye.

He moves around to stand behind me pulls me to him, and starts kissing my neck. My breathing gets heavier as I am even more turned on. He bites one ear gently as he reaches into my panties with his right hand and circles my clit a couple of times with his thumb, making me gasp before pushing his middle finger deep inside me, feeling how wet I am as I moan quietly and a little self-consciously – we’re at a popular spot at sunset, someone might see us… He trails his finger back up my belly and pushes it gently into my mouth. I suck on it, savouring the taste of myself, and feel his erection growing against my hip as I circle the tip of his finger with my tongue. Well that decides it then… I guess rejection is not on the cards for either of us.

He slides his hand back down into my panties and slowly circles his finger round my clit, round and round and round and round while he kisses my neck. I can hear our breathing get heavier, me from my building orgasm, him from his excitement of my response to his touch. I start to squirm against him, wanting him to finish it, no longer caring if anyone might be watching. As I’m on the brink of coming, he pulls his hand away, turning me round quickly and pulling my jeans and knickers down at the same time. I’m about to cry out in protest that he’s an unbelievable tease when he drops to his knees and buries his face in me, licking my clit, alternately flicking his tongue across it and pushing his tongue inside my now dripping wet cunt. I feel my orgasm build to a crescendo and I come while he pushes his tongue deep inside to feel my contractions and drink my juices while the sky blazes behind us.

A few moments later, when we can both breathe again, he stands and kisses me full on the mouth so we can both taste me. Well, I now have no idea why I thought you were so shy. What can I do to repay the favour? For that, apparently, we need to return to the hotel. Having walked excitedly back to the car, he drives to the hotel with one hand resting on my inside thigh the whole way. It’s going to be an interesting evening and I wonder what he has in store. I feel up for anything and it’s incredibly liberating. As we park and walk into the hotel together, I wonder whether it was foolish of us to book separate rooms…

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