Erotica: Re-Encounter by JW

It’s been a few years since we were together and those occasions when we have met have been very well-behaved, although I still feel our special connection. I am always left aching for more than our relatively bland conversation and wondering whether you feel the same. I guess your wife wouldn’t like that and I know my husband wouldn’t.

Rather unexpectedly, I find myself in the city for a couple of days for work. On a whim, after checking into my hotel, I text you – just the name of the hotel and a room number. What’s the worst that can happen?

No answer – it’s not like you to pass the opportunity for some phone flirting at the very least. I figure I’ve overstepped a boundary (no kidding) and give up, feeling frustrated and horny. I sink into a hot bath and settle for day-dreaming about how differently the evening could have turned out. I’m fingering myself and imagining it’s you, when I’m suddenly brought back to reality by a knock on the door. I get up and pull on a robe, still dripping wet in every sense. I open the door to find you standing there with a broad smile on your face and your erection clearly bulging uncomfortably against the fabric of your usual oh-so-tight trousers – will you never learn…?

You walk into the room and close the door. Are you sure about this? Am I? You tug open my robe and step towards me. One kiss on my neck and I don’t care anymore, I just want you and now. I pull your t-shirt over head, leaving you momentarily blind-folded while I kiss your chest and bite ever-so gently on your nipples. I feel you tense and continue kissing down your belly to the top of your jeans. Hmmmm. Where next? I pull your t-shirt off completely and lead you over to the bed pushing you down onto it so you are lay with your legs dangling over the edge. Dropping my robe on the floor, I undo your belt and the buttons and tug the rest of your clothes off so you are lying naked. You reach for me and pull me onto the bed with you, hands all over each other and kissing, our tongues reuniting after such a long time apart.

I prop myself up on my elbows, we still haven’t said a word to each other. This time I ask out loud – are you sure you want to do this? Hell yes. Ok then. I close your eyes and start to kiss and explore your body – it’s been a while but still so amazing to touch and smell. I take an ice cube from a glass at the side of the bed and circle it around your nipples, first the left then the right, hearing you gasp in surprise at the unexpected cold. I continue to kiss you, trailing the ice down your belly as I go. You lie there still, not wanting to disrupt my concentration and not wanting me to change my mind.

I lick the full length of your cock, so big and so very hard, and then pop the ice cube in my mouth. This is going to be fun. I go down on you, licking the tip at first, circling my tongue and ice around the tip until you start to squirm. Then I take all of you in my mouth and throat, massaging your delicious cock with my tongue and slide my mouth up and down until you breathing gets more ragged. The ice cube is melting fast now as you spurt into my throat, and I drink you down – your hot sweet cum is a delightful contrast to the ice cold water dripping down my throat.

I lie alongside you feeling satisfied at one level (I always loved giving you blow jobs) but aching with my own needs. I kiss you deeply and long and we can both taste your cum in my mouth. You start stroking my tits, building up to massaging them and reach down to feel how wet I am from being with you and sucking you off. Your cock, still magnificent, hardens again. Oh goodie! Lying on our sides facing each other, you lift my leg over your waist and rub your cock against my clit. I start to feel light-headed and tingle all over. I’m aching badly for you now and just want you inside me. You know this but ignore it. I’m torn – I want to beg for you to fuck me but I don’t want it to be over yet. Oh the dilemma! You continue the rub the tip of your cock against my clit, occasionally thrusting hard inside and then lingering briefly before pulling out again – tease! Finally it’s too much, I roll you over and slide my cunt down over your rock hard cock, sitting astride you, riding you while you grab my bouncing tits. Our breathing gets heavier and we pick up pace, moving against each other until we both come, falling to our sides, satisfied.

After a moment, you smile and stretch like a cat. We kiss again stroking each others’ bodies glistening with sweat. The night is young and there’s a lot more fun to be had…

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