Erotica: TFI Friday

I am so pissed off! What a terrible day.

Right now I need to do something to cheer myself up, make it all better and put a smile back on my face…

Earlier I had arrived home from a shitty day at work – not just any old shitty day, but one of the super crap ones where everything you do goes wrong and everyone seems to be annoyed at you. So I was hoping that this evening’s date would be an improvement on my day; a date with this hot bloke, Mark, who I’ve been chatting to for a few days on-line.

This was to be our first meeting but to be honest, the online chat had already progressed past the polite, skimmed over the flirty and had arrived at the darn right rude stage! So I had high hopes this evening
might be bringing me some excitement – it’s been a long time since I last had sex and, to be truthful, I’m gagging for it!

Then; an email;
“This is Mark’s wife Andrea. I’m guessing Mark didn’t mention he had a wife hey? Sorry, but you’re not the first. Good job he is rubbish at making up passwords! Anyhow, the date is off and please do not contact my husband again”.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit.

So – crap day, crap email, crap bloke and here I am, sitting on the sofa on a Friday night and pondering what I could do now to find a reprieve for my horrible day.

I already called my friends but no one is up for a night out – all in relationships and staying in for romantic nights blah blah blah!

Sod it – I can’t handle another night on my sofa, so I’m going out, on my own, for a few drinks and who knows, maybe I’ll meet someone interesting.

There’s a particular bar in the city I head for, not usually my cup of tea but tonight it feels like the place I need – a hustling place crammed full of people, blaring music and dark corners. Just the kind of place to go if you are looking for easy fun with a stranger….

I get there and order a large glass of red. I consider lingering at the bar but it’s so busy I’m being buffeted about, so I slope off to a table at the side.

I sit there for a while, having a look at the blokes around but no one catches my interest, and so my mind wanders back to earlier and the email; if only bloody Mark had been for real, right now I could be here with him; sitting close and chatting, whilst letting him slip his hand subtly up my thigh, under my skirt and into my knickers, mmmmm.

The thoughts are turning me on and I find I’m wriggling too much on my chair, also I’ve managed to drink my wine in super quick time, so I get up and walk back over to the bar for another glass.

When I stand up I notice I’ve caught the attention of a number of the blokes around – I guess this low cut dress  was not exactly subtle plus the wine and the dirty thoughts have brought a little sexual flush to my cheeks and chest which may be helping to make me look like an interesting proposition!

The bar is really busy so I tuck in tight behind the crowd and try to concentrate on finding a path through to the front. Soon others start to gather behind me, jostling to get to the bar too. I can feel the heat of the bodies around me and the noise of gossip, laughter and dirty jokes fill my ears. For a second I close my eyes and breath in the atmosphere. Yes, just what I needed, a place where I’m not known and no one expects anything of me.

My eyes dart open – what was that?! Just for a second I felt something, not just the accidental brush of a body in the crowd, but a very definite touch.

I had felt a hand, palm down, gently but firmly placed against my right buttock. But now it was gone and I started to doubt myself, maybe it was just an accidental touch after all?

After a few moments I forget and focus back on making a path to the bar, but then, there it is again; the gentle pressure of a hand, cupping my cheek. My head says just step away! But I can’t seem to do it, and neither can I turn round to see who the hand belongs to – instead I just stand there facing the bar and letting a stranger slowly grasp and caress my arse through my dress.

From my peripheral vision I can see the edge of a wheelchair behind me, I hadn’t noticed anyone in a chair as I sat in the bar so I have no idea who it is, but my mind starts to run wild at the thought of how close this man’s face and mouth must now be to my arse and pussy!

The hand moves down from my right arse cheek to my thigh, I feel it taking hold of the fabric edging of my dress and starts to slowly pull up my dress at the back.

I’m wearing little black knickers under my black dress and no tights, right now I can feel the fabric of my knickers dampen and stick into the folds of my pussy as I get more and more excited – there is a complete
stranger behind me trying to get a feel of my wet pussy!

The fingers have arrived at the top of my thigh now and they move around and onto the soft skin at the top innermost point of my leg, rubbing gently at the elasticated edge of my knickers – the stranger hesitates, maybe expecting to re rebuffed at this crucial point, but there is no resistance from me and so the hand begins to move again, under the now sodden gusset of my pants and across the wet shaved outer lips of my pussy.

I lean gently back onto the stranger’s fingers and part my thighs further. I let out and involuntary groan as I feel a finger push through the folds and touch against my clit – a man next to me hears my groan and looks
at me, I look straight back at him and then close my eyes in ecstasy as I feel the finger enter my soaking wet pussy.

The finger is joined by another and they begin pushing up harder in and out of me. I lean back and grasp the left handle of the wheelchair to steady myself and I start to squeal as the fingers now bend and rub
urgently against the outer wall of my pussy, the place where it makes me flood.

As the middle and ring finger continue their assault on my pussy, I gasp and buck when I feel the index finger reach forward and start stroking my clit – oh my god I’m going to cum. Here, in this busy bar, surrounded by strangers and with an unknown man’s hand rubbing and fingering me!

As my clit contracts, the juices flow over the strangers hand and my body contracts and judders in orgasm.

The fingers are now abruptly pulled out of my pussy and as I continue to experience the ripples of orgasm through my body, I feel the man take a hold of my parted thighs, pull his body forwards on the chair towards me and then I feel his head slip under my skirt and his mouth expertly hit upon my soaking wet and rippling pussy and he sucks and sucks, until he has drank up the lot.

I open my eyes. The mouth has gone, I feel the hands removed from my thighs and the chair move away.

The man stood next to me is still watching and is smiling and excited at my obvious post orgasmic face of delight. He moves in to try to touch me, but he’s too late. I am already moving out of the crowd, self-consciously straightening my dress and rearranging my bag over my shoulder whilst heading for the door. I am following the man with the sticky fingers, wet lips and the wheelchair who is now waiting at the door, smiling at me.

My god, he’s gorgeous!

Friday is looking up!

Written by Christine

Copyright © 2012 Accessible Sexuality

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