Hot Release: Tessellate by Alt-J

This week’s hot release is Alt-J’s Tessellate, which keyboardist Gus Unger-Hamilton has been quoted as saying is “about boning”. The quartet met at Leeds Uni, and after a brief tussle with the band name FILMS they settled instead on Alt-J (two keys which make the sign of a triangle, or ∆, when pressed together on an Apple computer). Since then they’ve released the amazing single Breezeblocks, the addictive album An Awesome Wave, and have made such a splash that they’ve had to add extra dates to their current tour.

The members of Alt-J may have started off hiding their faces in increasingly athletic promo pics, but thankfully for lovers of geek chic we can now see what the boys behind this week’s hottest noise actually look like. Tessellate is the purest aural foreplay around: once you’ve heard it you’ll be left wanting more. Cliterati thoroughly recommends Alt-J, and would happily ‘Tessellate’ with any of these guys!

Tessellate is released 16th July


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