Media Request: Seeking Woman for Surrogate Partner Therapy

A British television company is searching for sexually inexperienced women to take part in a new documentary. Zig Zag Productions is developing the programme about surrogate partner therapy, a groundbreaking therapy process designed to help individuals overcome shyness and address sexual issues. We are looking for women who are interested in undertaking such coaching as a way of stepping closer to forming a bond with someone in the future.

If the programme is commissioned, contributors will be taken to California to meet a clinical therapist and a surrogate partner. The production will follow their therapeutic process in a purely observational documentary format, objectively recording the process without judgement or interference as both attempt to conquer what has been holding them back.

Do you know any women at all who could be interested? Perhaps a friend of a friend? Therapy and travel costs would be fully covered; any individuals’ eventual involvement would be subject to prior approval by a psychologist.

Zig Zag is looking to have a chat with people over the phone to discuss the project in more detail. All responses will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. Should you or anyone you may know be interested in finding out more, please email Cara Cummings, Development Researcher at Zig Zag Productions, on or call 011 44 20 7017 8755. All personal data will be processed in accordance with Zig Zag’s privacy policy.

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