Boudoir Chic

Who wouldn’t want our bedroom to look like the interior of an Agent Provocateur store? It may be a bit out of most of our price ranges to deck out our favourite room by interior designers mra but we can certainly take inspiration from these decadent spaces.

Creating a secret erotic boudoir at home has never been easier. You are literally spoilt for choice these days, all you need is some inspiration, imagination and a spare pair of hands.

From out and out decadence to pin up parlour, dressing your room to suit your mood is literally at your fingertips.

This Aubrey Beardsley inspired wallpaper by Louise Body is a particular favourite at the Cliterati office. Dupenny’s has a fabulous collection of beautifully styled papers, from vintage chic to burlesque, and do a fabulous range of home wares from lampshades to tea towels in their chic designs.

time for tea wallpaper by Dupenny

Inject quirky humour with this bedding range by Vice Merchants


Bedroom range by Agent Provocateur

Erotic Wallpaper by Louise Body

Burlesque wallpaper and lampshade by Dupenny

Bedding by Vice Merchants

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