Web Review: Accessible Sexuality

Accessible Sexuality is a brand new sexy site, created for disabled people (whether single or in relationships) and able-bodied partners of disabled people. They also welcome anyone else who is interested and wants to support the site and help project a positive image of disabled people within society.
On the site you will find a regular blog on all things disability and sex related, reader’s ‘inclusive’ erotic stories, a forum, plus lots of information, tips and articles. They sell a selection of sex aid toys, which have been chosen for their ease of use, to help make sex fun for everyone. Accessible Sexuality also provides a number of face-to-face services, which you can find more about on the site.

Though new, Accessible Sexuality is growing daily and would love more people to join them, get involved, write stories, make suggestions and be part of making the change in how disabled people are viewed and accepted
within society – as they say, “After all, we are all human beings and for equality to be real it must include all aspects of a person – including sexuality.” A fantastic resource that is well needed to help people understand that sex comes in many forms, and we all have our own needs and desires.

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