Erotica: The Rave

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They’d always had some sort of chemistry, a kind of connection. You could even say some kind of lust for each other, since they first met. Every date they’d had since then, they went a little farther, wanted each other a little more than the last time. The first few weeks she thought maybe she just wanted him so badly that she thought it was love, but as time wore on, she was proved wrong. Being around him, this environment, even her newer friends, was changing her. She stopped playing guitar. She loved going to raves just because of the music.

The last time she went to a rave, they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. Every time she leaned into his arms, and his throbbing erection sent a heatwave through her body. Every time she kissed him, he leaned into her and pulled her closer, and she couldn’t resist, running her nails down his back, using her hand to make him even harder.

Eventually she led him toward the couch in the corner, not even caring if anyone could see them anymore. The music pounded in her ears as she pulled him closer. She started to kiss his neck, loving the sound he made when she bit his shoulder and ran her hand up his chest.

He pushed her against the couch, surprising her, kissing her hard. She gasped, feeling his hand traveling up her leg, his erection against her side.
A friend walked up as they were kissing, touching each other, taking turns. “Having fun?”, the friend asked, his boyfriend raving behind him. The boy looked up, his hair in his eyes, a smile on his face. “Go away”, he replied, and turned back to the girl.

She smiled as her hand travelled up his chest. He gasped out of pleasure as she pulled him closer and kissed him, gently at first, then harder as his hand travelled to her throbbing clit, and she began to moan…

He stood up slowly, giving her that sexy look she loved, that told her just how much she turned him on. He began to walk toward the back, toward the empty rooms that were made for just an occasion…two teenagers who couldn’t control themselves. He looked over his shoulder, smiling at her, and she followed…

As soon as the door closed he pushed her against it, pressing his body against hers., barely an inch away from her lips. She gasped, loving the feeling of being controlled, squeezing his throat, pressing her hips tighter against his dick. She wanted so badly to feel him inside her.

He pulled her toward the bed, still not allowing her to touch him. She was pushed down, her shirt being taken off. They both noticed her breathing heavier, her crotch beginning to get wetter. As soon as her pants were off, his hands were between her legs. He was getting more turned on than ever, watching her almost-naked body shake with every move he made, listening to her get louder, listening to her moan his name.

As soon as she came, she pulled him down, rolled on top of him so she was straddling him. She kissed him for a long time, then moved downward, unzipping his pants with her teeth, throwing them to the side. She moved up his leg, just barely touching him with her hands, biting the inside of his thigh. She waited until he began to beg, then took him in her mouth, licking and sucking the entire length of him.

She couldn’t resist the sound of his moaning, of the feeling of his hands in her hair. When she couldn’t hold back anymore, she straddled him, her underwear now completely off, and slid a condom onto him. They both gasped when he slid inside.

She began to move, slowly at first, bending down to bite his ear, his neck. He moved his hands up and down her body, staring at her, lust in his eyes. Her hands were at the headboard of the bed behind him, and she began to move faster as he began to moan again, his nails against his back.

When he was almost over the edge he pushed himself up, bit her shoulder, got on top of her and gasped as she moaned, that one sound sending him over the edge.

He laid beside her afterwards, both on their side and him still inside her, and he wrapped her in his arms.
“I love you”, she whispered…

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