Erotica: You’ve Been a Bad Girl


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Your phone’s turned off. You know that’s not allowed. You were doing so well, wearing that tiny dress that I gave you this morning like a good little slut, but now I’m going to have to punish you because you’ve been very bad.


When you get this message, the first thing you’re going to do is take your knickers off. I don’t care where you are. If you can’t get somewhere private, you’ll have to take them off in the street. I want your pussy to be ready for me – and I know that dress is so short that you’ll be on display with every step you take. Do you like the idea of men seeing your most intimate parts with every step you take? I do.


Then I want you to go into the sex shop – that one I took you to – and walk round, looking at all the toys and videos. I know that gets you wet because you’re a little whore.


The men will be sniffing around you. If any of them approach you, be friendly. If they touch you, let them. Why do you think I want your pussy on display? I want you to humiliate yourself for me. You’ll be safe – I’ll be watching – but if any of them ask you to do anything for them, you’d better do as your told. One of the men will be a friend of mine – but you won’t know which one. Still, if you end up fucking more than one man or sucking off a stranger, you won’t mind, will you. That’s because you’re filthy.


When you’re approached, I want you to go to the peep show booth at the back. The door to the stage will be open. Go in there with your ‘friend’ . Do his bidding. He might want to use your mouth. Then again, he might want to fuck your tight pussy or plunge his cock into your arse. You are to treat him as if he is your master and do whatever he desires.


I’ll be watching from the other side of the glass, able to see everything you do. I’ll have some friends with me, so think of that as you’re being used. I know you get off on being watched. I expect you to display yourself for me and whoever else I choose to bring. If he fucks you, spread your legs wide so we can see him inside you. If he takes you up the arse, part your cheeks so we can see him stretching you. If he fucks your mouth, you’d better be on your knees and playing with your tits. Remember, we’ll be watching and we want a good show. Obviously, you’re not allowed to come at any point. I’ve told him you’re well trained. Don’t let me down.


If you’re good, then once he’s finished with you, I’ll come through and let you come. Maybe I’ll get you to masturbate and put on a show for my friends. Maybe I’ll fuck you. If you’re really good, I might make you come with my mouth. But if you’re bad, don’t expect me to be so kind. I’ll handcuff you then bring my friends through and we’ll do as we wish. We’ll come on your face, wank over your tits, fill every hole and make you lick the floor clean. You’ll be covered in our juices – and your own – by the time we’ve finished with you.


I shouldn’t have told you that. Now that you know what you get for being bad, you’ll deliberately play up. I know what you’re like. You’re my slut – and I love you.


You know what to do…



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