Girl Crush: Missy Elliott

Clearly one of the most talented ladies in the musical world, La Elliott is the closest thing to a bird with bollocks this side of the operating table. Well-respected as a rapper, singer-songwriter and producer, not only is Melissa ‘Missy’ Elliott the only female rapper to have six platinum albums in the US, but she’s also won five Grammys and been nominated for sixteen more besides. Her list of other coveted industry awards is as long as the queue to work with her, which is to say extremely long indeed, especially after huge collaborative successes with artists such as Timbaland and Katy Perry.

But it’s not just Missy Elliott’s résumé which has led her to be nominated this week’s Girl Crush. No, the reasons we admire her are manifold: her strength of character was evident as a child, when Elliott would avoid staying overnight at friends’ houses for fear that her abusive father would kill her mother in her absence (the women eventually fled the family home when she was fourteen). She was so bright she was placed two years ahead in school, but deliberately failed her classes so that she would be moved back down to be with kids her own age.

Musically, Missy Elliott has been similarly strong, taking no prisoners in the very male-orientated and misogynistic world of hip-hop, where she seems to delight in attacking taboos and courting controversy. In fact, she has (almost) single-handedly managed to flip the genre on its head, humorously tackling topics such as useless male lovers (“Break me off, show me what you got/ Cause I don’t want, no one minute man” from ‘One Minute Man’), well-hung men (“If you got a big dick, let me search it/ And find out how hard I gotta work it” from ‘Work It’) and pubic topiary and cunnilingous (“Phone before you come, I need to shave my chocha/ You do or you don’t or you will or won’t ya, Go downtown and eat it like a vulture?”, ‘Work It’). Missy is also refreshingly open about her prodigious sexual appetite (have a guess about what the song ‘Toyz’ is about!) and her alleged use of illegal substances such as weed and Ecstasy (“Let me dance with you, let me wear you out/ Here’s a glass of orange juice, let’s go X it out… And I got this feeling, and it’s all over me/ I wanna dance with you, and lick your face/ Take me on the dance floor to feel some ecstasy”, ‘4 My People’).

There have long been questions about Missy Elliott’s sexual orientation, and even an unconfirmed rumour circulating in 2010 that she’d married a long-term female partner. So for the record we’d like to state that if Missy does indeed like pussy, then please do excuse us: we’re just off to shave our chochas…

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