Erotica: Naked Twister

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It was Saturday night. I re-read the party invitation in my hand; drink, DJs and naked twister, eight till late. I assumed it was ironic. Little did I know what lay ahead that night.

I arrived at the party alone. The friend who was supposed to be coming with me had had a last minute crisis – her sister had been dumped and had turned up on her doorstep in tears. I was a little nervous because I only knew a couple of people there but I was sure they’d introduce me to their friends.When I arrived, the place was already crowded. The host, Adam, gave me a drink and introduced me to a group of people. We were soon chatting away as if we’d known each other for years and I began to settle in.

At some stage, someone suggested tequila. I knew the effect tequila has on me and tried to get out of it but before too long, I was knocking them back with everyone else. After four tequilas, on top of the beer and wine I’d already been drinking, I began to feel a little the worse for wear and headed up to the en-suite toilet in my host’s room.

There were people sprawled across the bed talking and smoking. I got chatting to them as I queued for the loo and decided to stay in the relative calm of the room for a while.I was soon immersed in conversation with Dan, an advertising exec with an evil sense of humour. He related stories of nightmare clients and campaigns gone wrong, but I was paying more attention to his deep green eyes. When he started brushing his hand against my thigh, I moved closer, wanting things to go further. He increased the pressure and I leaned forward wanting him to kiss me. It was going to happen when…”OK everybody, ready for Twister?”

I mentally cursed the guy holding the box aloft, just when things were getting interesting. But then again, if it was going to be naked Twister, maybe things would get even more interesting. When Dan dragged me up to join in, I didn’t object.”OK,” said Jake, the guy who was setting up the game. “The rules are as follows. Spin the spinner, position yourself accordingly and every time you fall over, you lose an item of clothing.” I gulped. I was only wearing stockings and a slip dress with a g-string underneath it. I hoped that my balance was still good after the amount I’d drunk.

I span the spinner and took my turn. “Left hand, yellow.” I leaned over and placed my hand on the yellow spot, keenly aware that my dress was riding up. Dan stood behind me making admiring noises. “Your turn Dan. Right hand, red.” Said Jake. Dan leaned over me so that his body was pressed against mine. I could feel his erection pushing into me and couldn’t stop myself from wriggling back against it.
“Your turn Simon. Left foot, blue.”

Simon put his foot onto the mat and stood immediately in front of me, so my face was almost touching his groin. “Nice view” he muttered and I realised he could see straight down the front of my dress. Trying to protect my dignity, I moved my right hand up to clutch my dress to my chest just at the moment that Dan decided to press his erection into me again. Caught off balance, I stumbled forward, falling into Simon and knocking him over too. As Dan had been pushing against me, he lost his balance, fell on top of me and we lay in a sprawled heap, Dan behind me and Simon in front.

“And so the fun begins.” Jake smiled. “Right, everyone has to remove an item of clothing.” At that moment I realised I was the only woman in the room. I undid one of my strappy sandals and threw it to the side. In the meantime, both Simon and Dan had removed their trousers. The sexual tension was palpable, broken only by my giggle as I saw them both with nothing on but T-shirts, boxer shorts and socks – never a good look. “Back to the game then.”

Jake span again and we resumed playing. I was already off balance because I was only wearing one shoe and it didn’t take long for us all to go tumbling again. I got the distinct impression that the guys wanted me to lose because they kept tickling and pushing me whenever I was in a tricky position. They didn’t seem averse to stripping off either and soon we were all semi clad; they were wearing nothing but boxers and I was down to my g-string and stockings. They didn’t try to disguise their erections and I was beginning to get distinctly turned on.

“Let’s up the stakes” said Jake and pulled out a bottle of baby oil. He squirted it all over the board but his aim was off and he seemed to get a fair amount on my breasts. The added slipperiness combined with our alcohol consumption to make the game almost impossible. We were sliding all over the place and when Dan slipped on top of me for the third time, I decided it was time for a different game entirely. I ground my hips into his groin and he moaned as my slippery body writhed against him.

“Hmm, time for some film-making I think,” said Jake. He locked the door and got out a video camera. I was so turned on that I didn’t care and began to kiss Dan deeply. “No fair” said Simon.”I don’t mind sharing mate – if the lady doesn’t mind.” said Dan and moved away. I nodded my acquiescence.
“Get on all fours then.” Dan told me. I willingly obliged. Dan slid two fingers into my dripping oiled cunt and began fucking me with them. Simon knelt in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth. I hungrily sucked on it, teasing the head with my tongue and moving one hand up to wank his shaft at the same time.

Dan was clearly getting aroused at the sight and grabbed my hips, thrusting his cock deep into my cunt. I groaned deep in my throat and the vibrations clearly felt good to Simon who pushed his cock even deeper into my mouth. I could taste his pre-cum and moved my hand to his balls, stroking them gently whilst my lips slid to the base of his cock. Jake pulled out his cock and started wanking his shaft as he filmed the game in front of him. He pushed his jeans down and knelt next to Simon. “Think you can suck two cocks at once?”

At this stage I was prepared to give anything a go and pulled away from Simon. “Sure, if Dan thinks he can hold me up. I’ll need both hands for this.” Dan slid his forearms up my chest, teasing my nipples and holding me up enough for me to devote myself fully to the job in hand. I started wanking both of them off, dipping my head down to lick both of their heads in turn. Soon, Jake was as close to coming as Simon, and I thought I’d see how far I could take it. Opening my mouth wide, I took both of their cocks in my mouth and began licking furiously. I couldn’t fit much in my mouth but my hand worked in rhythm to my tongue and soon I was getting two loads of spunk shot into my mouth and over my tits.

Seeing me acting in such a debauched way sent Dan over the edge and he thrust even deeper into me, spilling his creamy load up my cunt as I came around him, my cunt twitching for what seemed like hours. “After all that, I think it’s your turn” said Jake and pushed me back on to the oiled Twister board, positioning his video camera on the book case to record all the action. He knelt between my legs and began licking me out. All I could think was that Dan had come up me only seconds before which made me feel really filthy. Meanwhile, Dan and Simon moved to my tits and began sucking my nipples, their hands roving all over my body.

When Dan slid his hand down to my clit and began teasing it whilst Jake slid his tongue up my cunt and Simon pinched my nipples, I couldn’t take it any more. My body started to shake and I came hard in Jakes face, screaming in pleasure. “Are you OK in there?” came a worried voice at the door.
“Fine” I gasped.
“Can I use the bathroom then?”
“In a minute.” said Jake and I made my way into the bathroom to clean myself up.

By the time I came out of the bathroom, there was no sign of the fun we’d been having other than the lingering smell of baby oil in the air. The Twister board had been tidied away and the blokes were fully clothed, looking slightly embarrassed but happy. “Shall we go and get some beers then?” I asked.”Sure.” Said Jake. “What shall we do with the video?”
He held up the tape of our exploits. “I’ll take it home with me”. I suggested. I knew I’d get off on watching it. “Maybe we can come round and watch it with you sometime?” said Jake
“Sounds like a good plan.” I said innocently, looking forward to our next game

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