Erotica: Bathtime

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Hi gorgeous. Been thinking about you – especially after last night. You were amazing! I’m bored out of my mind here – but you know work. I guess you must be in the bath. And I could be there with you right now. How annoyed am I?

I want to be in the bath with you, sitting behind you, feeling you lean against me. Just the idea of soaping you up is getting me horny. You’ll know how turned on you make me – my cock’s already hard. But it’s not about me – it’s about you. After all, it’s your turn…

I’ll start by washing your hair, massaging the shampoo in, working out all that tension. I love the way you moan when I massage you.

My hands will move slowly down your neck, stroking you softly, from the nape of your neck to your earlobe, then down to your shoulder. I know how wet that gets you. I won’t be able to resist kissing your neck, knowing it will get you groaning for me again.

You’ll feel my cock against you and wriggle against me, trying to move your hands back to touch me but I’ll move them away and whisper in your ear that it’s your turn, to just enjoy it.

I’ll carry on kissing your neck while I pick up the soap and start to lather it between my hands. I’ll slide my hands over to your breasts and softly soap them all over, occasionally brushing my fingers over your nipples. You’ll be arching up to meet my hands but I’ll play dumb and only touch your nipples properly when you beg me to.

I’ll tease your stiff nipples between my fingers, loving what you feel like. My tongue will still be flickering over your neck while I caress your breasts. When you grab one of my hands and move it down, I won’t tease any more. I’ll slide my finger over your clit, feeling it harden at my touch. I’ll stroke it so gently you can barely feel it but when you start demanding more, I’ll willingly oblige. I’ll part your lips and push my finger up you, slowly enough to get you grinding against me, trying to push it further up you.

With my mouth on your neck, one hand on your breasts and the other between your lips, you’ll be close to coming. I’d slip another finger in, then another and begin fucking you hard with my fingers, until you start to spasm around me. You’ll push against me again and again and again. I’ll feel your muscles start to tighten around my fingers, know you’re about to come and push my fingers deeply into you while my hand presses against your clit. As you come, I’m still kissing your neck, stroking your breasts and loving the feeling of you shaking in my arms.

As your breathing slows again, I’ll hold you tight before turning your round so that I can kiss you deeply. What happens next is up to you. Hurry home. Love you.”

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