Toys: Little Death Ray

At Cliterati, we have a soft spot for steampunk. Recycling vintage ephemera into fabulous costumes, having an excuse to don a corset and lace-up boots and revelling in our inner geekness: what’s not to love? (It also helps that Professor Elemental makes us a little bit wibbly.) So when we saw this fabulous creation, the Little Death Ray, created by Lady Clankington, we became a little bit weak at the knees.

Lady Clankington is our new crush.Her website describes her as, “…a woman of many varied proclivities.  Her lust for life is so insatiable, in fact, that mere mortals can never hope to keep up with it.  In order to avoid injuring her traveling companions, Lady C commissions the mad Dr. Visbaun to construct infernal devices to appease her appetite…for adventure. Unfortunately, Lady Clankington exhausts each of his inventions at an alarming rate and must commission from him a new product every now and again, in order to remain satisfied. In her spare time, the lady reads books, explores foreign lands, and peruses the international network of communications.”

Oh, and here’s what she looks like. ,

Sigh… But back to the toy. Her delightfully vintage styled vibrator holding gun is a wonder to behold: part Barbarella, part classic Western, it’s artcore at its very finest.Lady Clankington, thanks for bringing such a thing of joy into the world. These exquisite pieces cost $199, and runs are strictly limited to 100, complete with a certificate of authenticity. We’re saving up to buy one now.

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  • Robert Conley commented on July 15, 2015 at 05:15

    Oh My God! You are so damned sexy. I’ve been following you for ages. Adore your naughty videos. I don’t know what else to say. Gobsmacked.

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