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In my many corset adventures I often end up in some strange dusty place to open anonymous looking manila boxes to discover treasure inside. A bit like Indiana Jones, but without the stubble. And like many of my fellow corset makers I spend a proportion of my time researching historic examples of corsets to gain more insight into design, pattern cutting and construction methods.

For today’s special post on my favourite subject I will be introducing you to the largest collection of corsets in England: The Symington Collection. Here are some of the amazing corsets I have had the privilege to study so far:

The Symington Collection is now held by Leicester shire County Council’s Museums Service, and part of the collection is on display at Snibsden Discovery Centre. Amassed by R. & W. H. Symington, based in Market Harborough, who were the largest corset manufacturer in England for over a hundred years and as well as having numerous examples of their own products they kept for study many of their competitors products. It is truely a gem for all corset lovers, and for any of those wishing to study corsets can be made available by appointment.

To follow the corset trail in Leicester you can visit Market Harborough, where the museum is now housed in the old corset factory. For more info:

Or Snibsden Discovery Centre

Or contact Leicester Museums Service directly to arrange viewing.

If you would like to more about my work and research:

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