Erotic Writing Tips: the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword

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Fancy writing erotica but not sure where to start? Cliterati is open to submissions from anyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, (dis)ability or preference. If it’s safe, sane and consensual, we will consider it for the site. Nervous about sharing your most intimate desires? Stick to a few basic guidelines and you’ll be churning out erotica before you know it.

First of all, use correct grammar and spelling. It does matter. Unless it’s part of the plot, don’t write using text message abbreviations. They’ll only be edited out.

Use a spell check before you submit your story. The most commonly misspelling we see in submissions is tongue. And that’s the correct spelling of it. Remember it – please.

Keep it real. If you’re writing about (or indeed, having) casual sex, use condoms. It’s not sexy to expose yourself to risk and research has shown that erotic depictions of condom use increase positive attitudes to condom use so you can help lower STIs and unwanted pregnancies by slipping  a little bit of rubber into your prose. If talking about a committed couple, this can be omitted as long as they are clearly monogamous.

Similarly, if you’re writing about anal sex, mention condoms and some form of lube: unlubed anal can lead to tears and a generally unpleasant time whereas done properly, anal sex can be a deeply bonding – and hot – act. If you’re talking about blowing an eight inch cock, mention some hand action (or gagging, but that’s far less erotic – unless you’re into that kind of thing, of course) unless you have already established that your character lacks a gag reflex. And if you’re writing about group sex, make sure everything’s physically possible. It’s all too easy to get an errant leg into a group sex scene. We’d generally advise against including a group sex scene in your first story unless it’s a true story. It’s way harder to keep track of what five characters are doing than two or three, particularly if you want all of them to come. The fewer characters you have, the quicker and easier you can write it up.

Base as much as you can on personal experience. Remembering a particularly incredible night and writing it up is a lot easier than having to generate entirely original scenarios.

Also, think of those conversations you’ve had in which sex has been mentioned, and imagine the way in which the evening might have gone had things gone further. Change names for obvious reasons.

You can also take horny situations you’ve been in that never amounted to anything – those nights when there’s been a frisson in the air but something stopped things from developing. Imagine what could have happened and write it down.

Failing that, write up your most common fantasies that have no basis in reality. It’s amazing how much you remember – after all, you’ve been using it as masturbation material for years.

It sounds obvious, but pick scenarios that are easy to introduce sex into. Rather than convoluting the lead characters into the sack, go for something like playing strip poker, being somewhere intimate with a sexy stranger (office with no-one around, train, kitchen at a party) or having a girlie night in with a friend you’ve always fancied. It may lead to slightly clichéd stories but given that most people read erotica for masturbation material, as long as the sex scenes are well written, they probably won’t mind too much. Of course, if you can come up with original scenarios, a wonderful romance, an elegant arousing pastiche, or all three, so much the better.And if it fits with the mythic structure, we’ll love you all the more.

We positively encourage humour – where appropriate – in erotic stories. Sex is funny, after all, and laughing with a lover does tend to increase your bond..If the characters in your story enjoy playful and entertaining conversations, it’ll be a lot more believable when they start getting frisky. And situations don’t always have to run flawlessly. Let the natural humour of life shine through in your story.

Start listening to every conversation around you, no matter how mundane (don’t turn stalker though. This is about getting an ear for dialogue, not gratuitous earwigging). Inspiration can come from the strangest places. Hearing a barman saying ‘I’ll be coming right over in a second’ or a business colleague saying ‘I’m tied up all afternoon’ can trigger erotic stories if you keep your erotic mind running full time.

And if you want to add some extra zing, try this trick: don’t masturbate or have sex until you’ve written the story – that pent-up tension can create great sexually charge. However, if you find you get writer’s block, give yourself a helping hand (or toy). Sexual arousal stimulates the same side of the brain as creativity so you can sometimes kick start your erotica writing with a menage a moi.

Additional Tips for Men

Contrary to popular belief, size does not always matter. Men tend to be way more precise about genital specifications in sex scenes: “Their cocks were much bigger than my eight inches, at ten inches and twelve inches.” This sentence will make most women think ‘Ow’ rather than ‘Oooh’. You don’t need to include monster organs to make a story sexy. Sex is about more than mere anatomy. Reflect this accordingly (and remember, we don’t expect sex to be phallocentric. Sex means whatever you perceive sex to be.).

Which leads on nicely to the next point. Some semblance of reality is a good thing. OK, so it’s unlikely that the stuff that happens in a lot of smutty stories would come exactly true as there’s a need with erotic fiction to get down to things a fair bit faster or more creatively than they’d necessarily happen in reality. But keep the sex within the realm of possibility. If you’ve had great sex – you know, that thing that happened that you drag out of your mind every time you settle down for a menage a moi – then write about that. Your natural enthusiasm will show through.Be accurate in the sexual details: if it’s a sub/Dom story, consider all the safety guidelines. If you don’t know them, look them up. There are lots of fantastic resources online.

That said, your surroundings can be as fantastical as you like. You could be a space shuttle captain or a Greek Goddess; you could roam the seven seas or have an entirely fictitious land in which to play (complete with demons and mermaids should you so wish). Or it can be a quickie down a back alley. Your fantasies – your choice.

Most importantly, if you haven’t done something – or at the very least have a damn good idea of how practicalities would work – don’t write it. We had one submission where the lead character “Shoved his fingers up her clit”

It made us wince, and not in a good way.

A Note About Finance

While there’s no fee for writing for Cliterati at present, many of our writers have gone on to be successfully published as a result of posting their work on the site.

Feel free to post your blog at the end of your article – we’re all about sharing the love. We get traffic: you get traffic. (NB: We reserve the right to remove links to sites that don’t fit within our guidelines) If you want to link back to us, even better.

You can include links to your own ebooks in your story as a way to generate interest in – and sales of – your work.  If you are linking to your ebook, please submit your cover image with your story.

You can include affiliate links in your stories (maximum 4 per story unless it’s a ‘Top ten sex toys’ style feature) to allow you to directly generate revenue from your words on our site. We benefit from the increased content so everyone’s a winner.

The above does not apply to PR companies. If you represent a brand, get in touch via Twitter @Cliterati1 – we are always open to opportunities including competitions and reviews. However, we keep tight controls to ensure all reviews have integrity. Anyone caught reviewing their own books, their company’s products or a PR client’s products will be blacklisted from the site for one month. Persistent offenders will be banned from contributing to or being featured on the site.


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