Erotica: Just the Beginning?

I think I have always understood what men find sexy in certain women – some have a sensual softness and allure, others a raw sexuality. While I very much crave, and have to have, a hard, smooth rigid cock, I have always been intrigued and turned on by women. I suppose because of this, and because I am a very sexual person, I tune into other peoples desires. Maybe I have also wanted to be someone’s fantasy. Maybe I was hers.

She was slightly shorter than me, with a curvaceously slim body, blonde hair swept up so you noticed the curve of her neck. Green, twinkly eyes and a saucy smile on full lips. She was wearing low riding jeans and a blue sparkly top that didn’t quite meet her jeans. You could catch glimpses of the smooth skin on the curve of her hips and the flatness of her stomach.

I noticed her noticing me. She was looking straight at me in a very direct and inquisitive way. I suppose I must have been looking at her in the same way. Attracted to her but unsure of it all. I noticed her eyes move from my face to my breasts, and back to my face again. I was wearing a black wrap dress with red shoes. The dress was made of a stretch fabric that clung to my body and parted to show a glimpse of thigh when I walked or danced. Because I knew she was looking at me, I made sure to move in a slow sensual way in the hope of keeping her attention focused on me.

I started dancing and facing her – smiling at her – while she smiled at me. We gravitated towards each other on the dance floor until we were dancing very near one another. We were dancing apart but looking at each other. Sometimes you just know that someone else is thinking what you are thinking. I knew that we both found each other sexy and were turned on and excited by the charged flirtation and unspoken possibilities.

When her hand accidentally touched my arm, I let mine accidentally brush against hers. With a smile, a look, a touch, we began dancing closer to each other. Music pulsating through us, bodies gyrating around us our legs entwined and our arms on each other’s hips. Her hands moved to the small of my back and pulled me closer. It was an unfamiliar feeling but one that made me wet. I remember wondering if she was wet too.

We then started talking a bit. Just general chitchat – our names, where we were from, who we were with – that kinda stuff. I remember her introducing me to some of her friends and her boyfriend. That intrigued me more – why was she flirting with me if she had a boyfriend and why did he not seem to mind.

The bar started emptying out, the music dying down, and our respective groups of friends going home. We both still felt like dancing so she suggested going across the road to a club that was still open. As we walked out the door our fingers linked together, and I felt her soft hand holding mine. We walked, fingers entwined, to the next club and begged the bouncer to let us in. He was turning everyone else away but let us in…funny how two girls holding hands can make things happen.

We went inside and bought drinks from the bar. I remember thinking how surreal it felt buying drinks for a girl I found attractive, and wondering what was going to happen. I know I wanted to kiss her but was unsure of what, if anything, to do, and whether she felt the same.

We moved to a corner of the club where there were some tables and soft loungy chairs. Sitting facing each other, our legs intertwined, our bodies leaning into each other, knowing I was going to feel her lips on mine and her tongue flicking over mine. Closer and closer until our breasts were pressing together and I could feel her breath on mine. And then we just kissed each other softly on the lips. Gentle kisses, open mouth but no tongue yet.

It was all very innocently sexy – not hardcore porn fake lesbianism – just two girls who met and found each other sexy in a sweet way. I think it was quite a surprise for both of us and we kissed again – her lips on mine – still soft but with more need this time, and I gently took her lip between mine and nipped at it before sucking on it very slowly.

The intensity was too much and we both needed to dance some more. We stood up and danced together for a while, touching each other’s arms, hands, fingers, and shoulders. And then in the middle of a song, with our legs entwined, she leaned in and kissed me properly – slowly sliding her tongue into my mouth. So I leaned in and kissed her back – my tongue flicking over her lips and our tongues caressing. I don’t know how long we kissed for but I remember us pressing very closely together and our hands exploring each other’s bodies.

We danced for a while – her hands stroking my arse and pushing it closer into her – meaning my throbbing cunt was gently grinding against hers. My hands cupped her arse and did the same. Legs meshed together, hands on arses, grinding and moving together. I remember feeling brave and stroking the side of her breasts – not really sure what I was doing or what she would think. She was also unsure but she leaned into me and smiled, a sigh escaping her lips as I touched her breasts again. She shyly took a finger and traced the outline of my wrap dress in between my breasts. I moaned softly and we kissed again.

We kissed gently and slowly and softly for a while until the club closed and we had to leave. She took my hand as we were leaving and asked if I wanted to come back to hers. I was so turned on and hot and wet that I didn’t think about it and just began walking with her.

We were walking back to hers when I got nervous and said I would rather go home. She was as nervous as I was I think, and she understood. We stopped on the side of the road and leant into each other again. We kissed very deeply and passionately as cars hooted as they drove past, and two guys stood on the side of the road and watched. We carried on kissing and stroking each other – our bodies still pressed against each other. We held hands and walked to the bus stop, where she waited with me for my bus. We kissed softly goodbye and I left.

I have always wondered what would have happened if I had gone home with her. Would I have tasted her wet cunt? Would she have licked mine? Would our fingers and tongues have explored every inch of our bodies? I still wonder….

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  • stephen commented on January 1, 2014 at 15:06

    Sensitive , imaginative, teasing, but ultimately disappointing. Why did you part just when you were melding and melting together? makes no sense. Unless there is a later follow up…….

    Did you both go home and fantaise about each other? And Emily you do not even mention her name, Julia perhaps? I could tell you a story about a Julia……………

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