Erotica: The Dunes

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Jane and I have known each other for a long time. We went to the same high school as well as the local university. We were both in the high school band and yearbook committees. We have both drifted into the local art scene with various side jobs to keep us living.

My name is Meaghan and do some writing, editing and website design. I’m only partly a geek but I enjoy controlling what is seen on the screen. I’m mostly self-taught but I did take one course. Jane is more into visual arts. She’s a photographer, videographer and does the odd writing gig. We both play around in what is a surprisingly vibrant local band scene. We also collaborate on different work projects as our skills are complementary.

Last summer, Jane showed me the website of Susan, a singer who’d been through town several times. We got to know her at an after hours party. There was an instant affinity because she’s multi-skilled like us. She is however a really good singer songwriter.

Some of the photos were of her on the beach. Two of them showed her backside and one showed a flash of a nipple as she lifted up from lying on her stomach. We were at Jane’s place and started talking about whether or not this was a good idea. We both have blogs to advertise our services and talk about things that interest us. The idea was attractive but we live in a small place.

A week or two later we went to a good beach about an hour from where we live. It’s a protected beach without many people on it during the week. We walked about half an hour from the parking lot. It was a hazy day so we didn’t see anyone after the first ten minutes.

We’ve both been to the local nude beach but this wasn’t one. We laid in the sand and chatted lazily. After a while, Jane said she wanted some nude pictures of herself. Like Susan.

I giggled and said I’d be glad to take them. To my surprise she said she had her camera and that we could do it then and there. I laughed again until I realized she was serious.

“Come on Meaghan, we can go up in the dunes and no one will see us”.

I hesitated but then she pointed out we’d been there for half and hour and hadn’t seen anyone. She grabbed her bag and then pulled me up. It seemed like fun so I grabbed my stuff and off we went. We only had to walk for five minutes before we found a small sandy bowl in the dune grass. I felt guilty because the dunes are fragile.

Jane gave me the camera and took off her bathing suit. I’ve taken lots of photos for websites and the yearbook but I was nervous. This was the first time I had taken posed pictures, let alone nudes.

Jane was almost defiant. She was into it. She later told me that she couldn’t get Susan’s pictures out of her mind, even though they weren’t erotic. She told me she wanted lots of photos and started posing on her own. The sun was brighter now and she was really into it.

The last shots were of her standing up proud and nude. She seemed to really enjoy it.

She said there were enough photos and told me it was my turn. I giggled and said no, but the idea intrigued me. We know and trust each other so the idea intrigued me. She reached down and helped me up. She took the camera from my hands and asked me to turn around. I felt a shiver as she unclasped my bikini top. She put her hands on the side of my hips and slid my bottom down.

She then turned me around and something changed as we looked at each other. We naturally fell into each other’s arms. It was absolutely delicious to feel her warm body against mine in the sun. We ran our hands over each other’s bums and ground our cunts together. Cunt isn’t a word I use very often but we were so sexual that it exactly describes what we felt.

Jane took my face in her hands and pulled us together for our first kiss. I still remember how it felt. We kissed for a while and then both realized that we were out in the open. We giggled and laid down on the blanket.

It’s hard to remember the details of that first time. Jane said “I want to do everything with you” and I could only nod agreement. I liked what she did to me but I couldn’t believe how much it turned me on to touch her. I loved her breasts and was moaning as loud as her when I took her clitoris in my mouth. Neither of us lasted very long but it was very satisfying.

We laid and talked lover talk. It was very intimate. This was the first time I’d made love with such a close friend. We both kept moving our hands over each other’s body. I love her nipples and enjoyed bringing them to arousal. They get hard and there are all sorts of bumps around her nipples.

Jane looked at me and asked me if I would roll over and let her lick me. I shook for a second when I realized she must mean my anus. This was certainly a day of firsts.

She pulled apart my cheeks and gently licked up and down the crack of my ass. It felt as if we were breaking a big taboo. She licked all around my anus before touching it with her finger. I almost came when I felt her tickle my anus. I didn’t last long, because she stuck the fingers of her other hand up my vagina and fucked me with both her tongue and fingers.

We lay in each other’s arms. It seemed clear that something more than sex had happened.

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