Erotica: The Taming of the Screw by Henrietta Maddox

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“I’m not ready yet.” Rebecca bellowed down the stairs to Brian. She finished brushing her hair and put the paddle brush down on her dressing table. He had been waiting over an hour and was beginning to lose his patience. He ran up the stairs to their room. “Rebecca, you’ve got five more minutes until I completely lose my patience with you. We’re already late.”

She grinned at Brian and looked at him with a glint of naughtiness in her eye.

“Are you going to punish me, master?”

He gave a small chuckle as their eyes met, both knowing what she was asking for.

“Well, I suppose we’re not that late,” he said calmly even though he was already starting to get excited as he looked at her in the little black dress with her thick raven hair silkily flowing over her shoulder. “Bend over, Rebecca – I’m going to teach you a lesson.”

Her thighs throbbed as she rose from her dressing table and leaned over it. He strolled over and picked up the paddle brush with one hand as he firmly lifted her dress and pulled down her panties with the other.

He watched her reflection in the mirror as she groaned orgasmically at every smack he gave. The rain had been gently tapping at the windows began to slash against it instead. Her breathing became euphoric as it accelerated to keep in time with every other throb between her thighs. She kept her eyes closed and when she bit her lip, he knew it was time to stop.

Already she was wet and her nipples hardened as she turned around and kissed him passionately. Sitting on the dressing table, she gently sucked at his lower lip as he pulled her legs apart and slipped three of his fingers into the front of her black lace pants stroking the inside of her velvet like lips. As his middle finger moved up to her swelling clit, the back of her knees began to sweat at the thought of him inside of her.

She could feel his strong hard cock against her hip begging to be released. He sat down on the chair and she undid his trousers while he swiftly pulled down her dress and began gently pinching her nipples.

She took off her panties and straddled him. Her hole became tighter as his big smooth cock entered her. So much so that she let out a scream of joy. She rode him, bouncing up and down whilst he kept his hands on her cherub round bottom, squeezing it every time she lifted it.

The rain bashed harder and harder against the window as she reached her climax and came over his lap. Out of breath and glistening in a moist glow of sweat, they lay still in an embrace for a few moments. “See baby,” she whispered as she got up, “I’m not late for everything.”

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