Erotica: Window of Opportunity

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I had just finished shaving. It had been a week since I had last done it, and my pussy was beginning to get a light fuzz of blonde hair on it. I liked to keep myself bald- both for sensation and because my boyfriend loved it. I was naked, having come from the shower, and was rubbing baby oil into my mound and running the razor over myself one last time, to make sure I was as smooth as possible. I placed a finger on my clit and closed my eyes. That was when I heard it- scrabbling. And voices. I opened my eyes, and realised that the sound was coming from outside the window. I sat up and peered outside. I couldn’t see anything. It must just be the neighbours.

I laid back down, and resumed touching my lovely, smooth cunt. Shaving it always made me feel especially sexy, and rubbing in the oil even more so. I poured a little more onto my fingers and rubbed and rubbed, then pushed a finger into my tight hole. I sighed. And then became aware of the voices again.

Reopening my eyes, I saw that the voices were two window cleaners, watching me with their mouths open. I knew I should stop, but something about their looks of surprise turned me on. I smiled, albeit sheepishly, and gave my bald pussy another rub, this time using the other hand to rub one of my breasts. They were transfixed. I opened my legs a little more, this time looking at them both as I forced three of my fingers into my, by now very, very wet cunt. I closed my eyes again and delighted in the delicious sensations. My clit was so hard and I rubbed and rubbed it, desperate to cum.

When I opened my eyes again, the window cleaners were gone, and I smiled. That would be a story for their mates down the pub. I reached into the drawer next to my bed and pulled out my trusty vibrator, ready to do myself until I screamed. But just as I was about to push the beast in, there was a knock at the window.

“Mind if we join you, love?”

The smiling face was so handsome, and the arms gripping onto the ladder so muscular: my pussy pulsed at the sight. I walked to the window, feeling brazen, and peered out to see two hot twenty-something guys. I felt a thrill at the idea of doing something so forbidden – I’d often rubbed my clit thinking about being sandwiched between two hard, male bodies, all testosterone, muscles and sweat.

“The back door’s open,” I said, smiling broadly. Some offers are just too good to refuse.


I couldn’t hold back a gasp when one of the window cleaners walked in naked. He had a huge hard-on which meatily pointed to his stomach, and as he saw me lying on the bed, took it in his hand and wanked it.
“Hello, gorgeous,” he said, “nice show.” I sat up and shut my legs.
“I, er…” I wasn’t sure what the etiquette was in this situation.
“Don’t put it away now.”

I didn’t know what to do, or say. I lay back down, and opened my legs again. “Beautiful snatch.” he groaned, wanking harder on his cock. “Touch it.” I did as I was told. “Rub your clit.” I did as I was told. I knew I would cum quickly. For a few moments we both wanked furiously watching the others nether regions. “Can I touch your tits?” He asked. I nodded.

He stepped forward and releasing his cock from his grasp, squeezed my right breast.
“God, they’re magnificent.” He got on his knees and took my nipple in his mouth. I groaned. He sucked on it, like a baby and I rubbed my clit harder.
“Get up.” I commanded. “Let me touch you.”

He stood up and his erection was just inches from my face. I coiled my hand round it. It was meaty and thick and big and hard. I wanked it up and down a couple of times. Then, surprising myself I took the head of it in my mouth. He groaned and I kept touching my pussy, which by now was practically on fire.

“Hang on.” He said, and pulled himself from my mouth. He got on the bed and straddled my head, pushing his hard-on back into my mouth as he forced my head down onto the pillows. For a couple of minutes he grunted and bucked his hips, fucking my face like it was a cunt, and then he shouted,

“John, come in!” My second treat of the day walked in, window cleaner number two, as naked as his friend and although it seemed impossible, with an even bigger cock.
“Woah!” the second man said. “Nice one mate!”

He watched for a bit, touching his cock and coaxing it hard. I watched, all the while sucking on the meat in my mouth as it thrust in and out. The second bloke sat on the bed and pinched my nipples. “Is she a good cock-sucker?” he enquired to his mate. Still fucking my face, he breathlessly replied “The best!” The second guy’s hand snaked down my stomach onto my bald mound.
“Is she tight?” but before his friend could answer, he thrust a finger into me. I squeezed my muscles around his digit. “God, is she ever.”

He stood up and knelt at the foot of the bed, between my thighs. His friend stopped fucking my mouth and pulled out. I gasped. He stood up and watched what his friend was doing. His friend began to finger fuck me, and I groaned.

I had never been so turned on in my life. I needed to be fucked and fumbled in the bedside drawer for a packet of condoms. The men’s eyes lit up when they realised I was willing to go all the way: I’ve never seen anyone fumble with rubber so eagerly. The second window cleaner crouched between my legs, ready to enter me. He placed the head of what had to be at least eight inches of meat at my entrance, and pushed. I groaned. He groaned. The first man watched, wanking his big cock, fixated on my pussy that was, by now, filled to capacity.

“Is she tight?” He enquired.
“The tightest fucking cunt I ever had.”

And with that he began to fuck me in earnest, hard and fast and brutal. It was heaven. I focused on the feeling in my pussy and the sight of the first guy wanking his cock. I began to cum, and the man inside me rubbed my clit to help me along. I groaned so long and so loud that I thought I might pass out. I had never cum so hard in my life.

The guy fucking me, pulled out.

“On all fours,” he said. I got on all fours, sticking my arse in the air, opening my legs further. “Go on, mate.” He said gesturing to his mate. “I know you love it doggy.” These two were great mates, I thought. The first guy didn’t need telling twice, and was in me within seconds.
“Damn, she is tight.” He gasped. He pulled my hair like reigns and rode me like a horse. His mate pushed his still hard cock into my mouth and said to his friend,
“I’m going to cum in her mouth.”

He fondled his balls and then pulled his cock out and slapped me with it before pushing it back down my throat, “Come on, make me cum.” I sucked harder. He closed his eyes in apparent bliss. “Do you like anal?” he said.

I felt my pussy spasm. I’d only discovered anal a few months before but was rapidly becoming hooked on the dirty, tight, pleasure pain thrill of it. But this guy was at least two inches bigger than my boyfriend. There was no way it was happening without help. Another fumble in the bedside cabinet and I handed the man fucking me the lube.

“You hot bitch,” he said, still fucking my pussy, knowing instantly what I wanted. He spat on his finger and started circling my arsehole with it, making it relax at his touch, eager to draw him in. I felt the cold chill of lube drip onto my arsehole and my pussy spasmed as I imagined the filthy sight I must present. He worked his fingers in and out of my tight arse until I was begging him to push his cock into me, to finish what he’d started. He pressed the head of his cock against my arsehole and I pushed back against him, easing him into me, feeling myself open up at the warmth of his cock.

The one in my mouth picked up my disguarded vibrator.
“Fancy some DP then, you filthy slut ?”

By now, I was so in the zone I wanted to make all my dirtiest dreams come true.

“Fuck, yes.”

With a cock in every orifice I came again, hard and intense. I thought I would pass out with pleasure. The guy in my mouth came first, hot spunk down my throat. Then fucking my cunt with the vibrator and my arse with his cock, the other man started bucking against me, cock pulsing as he came with a loud groan.

I love it when the window cleaners come round now, as they do a couple of times a week. I must have the cleanest windows on my street.

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