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“It’s 2012 and the end of the world is nigh.  Bunker down with Julie Atlas Muz (USA) and Mat Fraser (UK) at Priceless London Wonderground on the Southbank and get your last six months on earth rollicking with their cataclysmic cabaret sideshow striptease spectacular, Apocastrip Wow!”

So reads the blurb for Apocastrip Wow! which recently had a one night only show in London.

“This tsunami of hilarity is so political it is probably illegal. Flippers, strippers, songs, comedy, magic, freakshow, burlesque, Mr Pussy, double acts and the legendary audience challenge – it is political incorrectness gone mad, oozing with New York originality and London music hall gone berserk. Other shows say they go there, but they don’t come close. This will never be on TV. This kind of political subversion and talent doesn’t get seen by most people: you have to come and see it live.”

The Freak and the Showgirl are Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz, two real live Coney Island USA Sideshow legends. Married by the Mayor of Coney Island earlier this year, Mat and Julie have the sexual prowess of newlyweds.

Julie Atlas Muz is multiply acclaimed: Miss Exotic World 2006, Miss Coney Island 2006, winner of the Whitney Biennial, the Ethel Eichenberger Award, film and stage actress, performance artist, stage director, cabaret and game show hostess, she’s so much more than a Showgirl.

Mat Fraser matches Muz’s prolific prowess: he’s an award winning disabled film television and stage actor, comedian, writer, composer, singer, sideshow and performance artist, drummer, winner of the Erotic Award (UK) for Best Male Striptease Artist 2007and so much more than a Freak.

Together they make a cabaret comedy sideshow striptease spectacular that is sexy, sick, offensive, funny as hell, and like nothing you have ever seen.

Both Fraser and Muz are artists notorious for their sexual irreverence and dark senses of humour (Cliterati is lucky enough to have seen the former windmill his penis and the latter perform a full striptease inside a balloon, and is still undecided about which is more impressive). Both have performed as independent artists on screens and in theatres and clubs for over 15 years, and have risen to become stars in the art world. Between them they have collaborated with artists as diverse as Penny Arcade, Mike Figgis, David Hoyle, and Kim Cattrall – and they promise to perform outrageous acts of love for you.

Fraser’s social activism coupled with Muz’s feminist glamour create the apex of inclusive high entertainment performance art, where the message of accessibility is conjoined with striptease, sideshow and song, leaving all who come forever changed, rearranged, and sometimes deranged. Leave your political correctness, your stiff upper lip, and your conservative streak at the door, and come to be freaked out, tuned in and sexed up, with Apocastrip Wow!

If you’re easily offended (or under 18), do stay at home. But if you want to see a show the likes of which you’ve never seen before, watch out for Apocastrip Wow! Follow Mat Fraser and Julie Atlas Muz to find out when they’re appearing near you: they perform all over the world so  who knows, it might not be too long before you get lucky.

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