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I don’t know where you stand on female ejaculation* (the Domly one would probably recommend at a safe distance unless you want to clean your trousers) but I squirt. That is during sex I can produce large volumes of…well that is where the jury is out. Some say urine, others, who have more practical experience insist it isn’t, but there is very little research into what it exactly is.For those unfamiliar with squirting or gushing a few facts from my very personal experience.

  • I squirt when I orgasm, some women don’t but if I squirt I always orgasm, I can however orgasm without squirting.
  • Clitoral stimulation is usually necessary
  • I can squirt from anal or vaginal sex, no pressure on the bladder is needed, despite the naysayers beliefs.
  • It neither smalls or tastes like urine.

Squirting and or gushing ( the technical differences can be argued about for hours on swinging sites, yes people really do seem to have nothing better to do) is not something I have much control over. It is simply something that happens, that has been happening since I was 18 and my sexual partners need to be aware of.

For the majority of men though awareness is not what they are looking for. I get inundated with messages from men who “want to see me squirt.” When swinging it can become a piece of performance art, with crowds gathering and men wanting to “have a go”. Now I could do a feminist critique of the objectification of women, or the failure of the medical establishment to treat women as normal, however instead I have a question. What is it men are so fascinated by?

Some people blame porn, but in many years of porn watching  I have only once seen a woman squirt. I wonder instead if either there are far more watersports fans hiding their fetish under a more acceptable cover, or if it has to do with the visible evidence of orgasm. One of the great things about sex with men is you know when they have come. Perhaps squirting is a reassurance to some men that the woman has actually come.

Sadly if this is their reasoning many women I know say they do not come when they squirt, although I have my doubts about this, keep it to yourself but I am reaching the opinion that for some the reason they squirt as they get older is more to do with stress incontinence than sexual technique. This does not mean that I do not believe it happens, I am living proof, and if you think I can not only direct my urine stream but shoot it 5 feet across the room then you are mistaken. However I am also into water sports in the right conditions and with the right partner, it wouldn’t destroy my world view if it were shown to be piss, it would still feel awesome when I did it.

All these questions could be answered though if research into female sexuality were not considered a small strange area, with little funding. Perhaps there is a feminist rant there for another day.

I would be very interested in hearing your opinions though, what do you believe it is and why are people so fascinated by it? It is easy to say it does not happen,but that dismisses the experience of hundreds of women like me, remember there is a whole body of evidence insisting the G spot does not exist either.

*Wiki here seems to reflect the lack of knowledge but does give a flavour of the debate.

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  • Dave Baker commented on September 2, 2012 at 14:33

    My wife does squirt, but oit with vaginal sex only with oral or anal. As for liking it? yes I do, I like the taste and the texture, and it is NOT urine

  • I think it seems far more usual for vaginal sex to be the cause, there seems a lot of discussion of skiens glands supporting this, but thank you, another voice saying it is not urine helps normalize and reassure. Thousands of happy people cant be wrong!

  • Amber Heart commented on September 3, 2012 at 15:40

    I can confirm from personal experience that women do squirt. This is because I do, or rather have done five times in my life, but only when my G Spot has been massaged in a certain way. And it might not taste of urine, but according to my husband it doesn’t taste particularly nice either (although this doesn’t stop him: he likes EVERYTHING)
    I also have a couple of friends who squirt – one who squirts with every orgasm. This particular friend feels squirting has restricted her sex life: she’s uncomfortable going to bed with someone for the first time, as she doesn’t know how her new partner might react, and therefore she also doesn’t feel she can just have casual sex or one night stands which she’d occasionally like – she feels she’s had that option taken from her.
    Interesting stuff (and unbelievable that more is not known about it)!

  • @Amber Heart.

    The only people I know who seem to be comfortable with squirting are swingers, possibly because they are used to watching others have sex, so I can understand why your friend feels so reticent about one night stands. Perhaps you could reassure her that I have never met a single man who doesn’t love it!

    Gspot massage would be what I would recommend if I were doing a how to…What I find is that I reach a point of stimulation where direct contact is no longer needed, but clitoral and gspot stimulation are needed to start things of, along with relaxation and horniness of course.

  • Andrew commented on September 19, 2012 at 17:55

    Ive had a number of partners but not until my current partner have I experienced any of my partners squirt. It was a technique I stumbled upon in my quest to find out the truth. It’s a g spot stimulation technique.

    I am now obviously 100% convinced in female ejaculation as each time we try to make her squirt it happens. The inside of her vagina just before the squirting undulates, almost trying to push my fingers out. My partner says the orgasm that accompanies it is so powerful that she wouldn’t know if someone had walked into the room.

    It exists, it’s defo not urine, although its consistency is only just stickier than urine. I would guess it is about half a tumbler of fluid and it has ejaculated about 10 cm. not the metre or so you see in porn.

    I honestly now cannot understand why there is any debate on the existence of this most wonderful experience. It can only be that women haven’t been stimulated correctly.

    I’d obviously like to know if the technique works on other women, but I’m in love and settled so its not going to happen.

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