Book Extract: Friendly Fetish

Until 50 Shades of Grey, kinky sex was taboo. For many people the word fetish conjured up images of weedy men in rubber suits, whip-wielding women in thigh high boots and seedy clubs full of people doing unspeakable things to each other with strangely shaped devices. Now, millions of people have discovered that there is joy to be had within pain; and that sometimes, being tied down can be one of the sexiest things around.

But if a ‘normal’ couple likes the idea of experimenting with fetish, the ‘scene’ can feel intimidating.  Gimp masks, fearsome Dominatrixes, and unpleasant looking metal instruments can all make a beginner think it’s far too scary and decide to skip the whole sexual exploration thing.

However, kinky sex isn’t really all that different from, ‘vanilla’ sex. It’s simply a new way to bond with your partner, have orgasms and explore your sexuality. Whether you’ve kept your darkest fantasies to yourself or are already beginning to explore your kinkier side, Friendly Fetish will help guide you through the wonderfully decadent world of kink. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to have your mind opened and experience your wildest dreams coming true with my top 50 shades of fetish:

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