Style: Designers Chosen for London Fetish Weekend Show

Congratulations to  Dayne Henderson, Eustratia and Lady Allura, the three new designers who’ve been picked to show their collections alongside London Fetish Week’s established friends House of Harlot, Jed Phoenix, Moretta Designs and Slaugherhouse Couture.

Doors open at 9pm and 11.30pm.

Show Times

  1. Jed Phoenix
  2. House of Harlot
  3. new designer #1 – Dayne Henderson
  4. new designer #2 – Eustratia
  5. new designer # 3 – Lady Allura
  6. Moretta Designs
  7. Slaughter House Couture
  8. The winner of the new designer of the year award will be announced


Moretta Designs

Moretta Designs who will be showing some of their new creations inspired by 18th Century attire. This is a fairly new designer with each piece being custom made.

This new collection premiers at the London Fetish Weekend shows how perv and prude come seamlessly together. Moretta will be taking measurements and orders at the LAM Market. The only limit is your imagination.





House of Harlot

One of the most recognisable brands in latex, House of Harlot, will be flaunting their newest designs. Making latex clothing since the early 1990s Robin has made clothing seen in most of the major mainstream fashion magazines as well as designing outfits for the likes of Beyonce and Christina Aguliera.

As well as House of Harlot clothing Robin and his team handle all the Torture Garden designs making them the ultimate couture latex company.



 Jed Phoenix

Jed Phoenix has been a part of the scene for over 10 years and has a regular pop up shop at events such as London’s Erotica, Whitby Goth Weekend and Infest Festival. Intricate tailoring and a delicious mix of pin stripes and kink has lead the way in non-latex or leather clothing on the fetish scene.  Key themes of Pinstripe, Military, Japanese and Industrial have an unusual, functional and play-inspired twist. Imagine a pair of Pinstripe trousers that have bondage options and can be taken off without removing your boots; a Military inspired jacket that features rope beaters and jodhpurs with pockets for paddles. Feel satin against your skin in a fully lined, Japanese style kimono or be a striking Samurai in a full hakama, kataginu and kimono combination. All guaranteed to turn heads! A pioneer of steam punk before the word existed expect a show with clothing that is not just clothing—its playtime too!

 Slaughter House Couture

Slaughter House Couture is a Bespoke latex company that specialise in turning latex dreams into a reality.

This show offers designer Kirsty a unique opportunity to indulge in creating the collection of a lifetime.

What better way to make a stage début than with a villainous twist on Batman’s most famous characters! Expect elaborate designs, impeccable execution and one hell of a floor show!



Lady Allura

Lady Allura’s Latex was founded by Lady Allura, whose love for couture fashion and to push the boundaries of materials led her to create her own latex brand.

Lady Allura started off making costumes and small pieces for friends and by february started making garments for the public.

All latex is handcrafted by Lady Allura herself in her own little at home studio. All clothing is made on a custom basis to ensure the perfect fit: there is nothing more disliked by Lady A than baggy latex.

Website coming soon.Facebook page here




Eustratia is a creative new brand currently focusing on the design and manufacture of latex clothing and mixed media accessories.All latex items are hand crafted with care, using quality materials. They offer a wide range of latex colours as well as an exclusive range of fusion fabrics, trims and applique designs.

Their aim is the exploration of antithesis, the combination of the unlikely and the interpretation of beauty. They hope our products will enable people to face reality protected and confident.

Their vision is aimed towards individuals who wish to express themselves through their appearance, amplifying their beauty and enhancing their personality in order to convey a message. They dream of a world where the beauty and decadence of the past are combined with the posibilities and mystery of the future.



Dayne Henderson

Fashion designer/ Latex specialist/ Rubber 55









Buy tickets to London Fashion Weekend and judge for yourself up close.

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