Sex Songs: Washington Square

If music is the food of love then we like ours decadent – and you can’t get a lot more decadent than The Correspondents. Comprising enigmatic, flamboyant and divinely dirty Mr Bruce (he looks hot and draws hotter) and master mixer Chucks, The Correspondents expertly blend dance music from Jazz to 60’s Beat, Electro to Dubstep to Drum’n’Bass, then back again.

Their delicious appeal  is in inherent in their lyrical website copy. “Seasoned with Mr Bruce’s vocals depicting the trials and errors of Love, Lust and Loss and there you have a menu to be devoured.”

Washington Square was the first of their songs that we heard and will always have a special place in our hearts and loins. Ian Bruce is a cunning linguist who wraps his tongue around words with consumate ease. And that’s before you even take his pole dancing and general smooth moves into account. Ian Bruce: you turn us on.


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