Sexual Pioneers: Mistress Absolute

Cliterati has long worshipped the fabulous Mistress Absolute (and has even had the joy of joining her in a training session, abusing a very willing sub) As the founder of London Fetish Weekend, she’s helped thousands of people enjoy kinky fun, learn more about their desires and find all the fetish accessories of their dreams.

Not only is Mistress Absolute a lifestyle and professional Dominatrix, but she also has a  Masters in Gender, Sexuality and Culture and is currently studying for a PhD. Her thesis looks at the history of Chastity and Cuckolding alongside the social and psychological aspect of the subject matter in today’s society: this is a woman who takes her kink very seriously indeed.

And she’s not afraid to share her knowledge (if, indeed, she’s afraid of anything). Along with one-on-one sessions Mistress Absolute also gives classes and tutorial sessions for couples and individuals wanting to know more about the fetish scene and BDSM in general.  She has also released a fabulously useful instructional DVD, The Beginners Guide to BDSM.

As well as training slaves Mistress Absolute also runs one of the largest bi-monthly fetish clubs in the UK, Club Subversion. Her skills for fetish events mean she is also the event and production manager for one of the worlds biggest fetish weekends, The London Fetish Weekend and stage manages an event in Amsterdam called The Clinic Weekend as well as being involved in various other UK and international events.

Cliterati is just one of Mistress Absolute‘s media fans. She’s appeared on BBC 1&2, Channel 4, Sky and Bravo; has been in Loaded and Skin Two magazine and Scarlet Magazine; models for various online sites including Woman Worship and occasionally performs at fetish events around the world.

Her latest projects include a kinky travel company, DommeTrips which organise parties and holidays for international travel and a series of instructional kink books.

Not only is she a great Mistress but with such prolific output, it’s clear that even time bows to her  Dominance. Mistress Absolute, we kiss your feet in appreciation. If that’s what The Mistress wants, of course…

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  • Paul Stentaford commented on October 3, 2012 at 18:37

    Mistress Absolute is without doubt, a true Goddess. The very fact that she has completed her Masters and is now working on her PHD shows that she also has awesome intellect, as well as having such style and sophistication. She is also the most beautiful woman that I have ever seen. If ever there was a definition of the word ‘perfect’, than she is it. Mistress Absolute is an inspiration to all of us and a pioneer in her field. How can we not bow down to her awe-inspiring superiority?

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