Toys: PicoBong Zizo Innie Vibe

Sleek, smooth, silent (well almost), the Zizo Innie is the latest offering from the PicoBong range – a selection of innovative new toys from the Lelo brand and the desirable high quality we’ve come to expect from the designer sex toy giant has certainly rubbed off to great effect. We can even forgive the fact that it’s name, PicoBong, sounds a bit like a cutesy animal you’d expect to find in a Pokemon game and even the fun fantastical colours remind us of some crazy animé, but above all of that (and what this really boils down to) is the fact that this is one hella powerful and well designed vibrator that hits all the right spots.

Perfectly shaped to fit the contours of the female form, whether you choose to use this toy for external or internal stimulation, you won’t be disappointed. Used on the outside, the curve fits perfectly around the length of the vagina meaning all of your outer erogenous zones – the clitoris, vulva, the very opening of the vagina – will all get to experience the powerful vibrations. Oh no, nothing or no one is getting left out here!

Used internally, the Zizo Innie’s curve comes into play again as it means it’s nicely angled to hit that hidden treasure: your G-Spot. The slightly larger head also helps you to locate it as it can cover more of the area and so increase the ability to really reach it.

Superbly simple to use with three easy-to-press buttons, to start it hold down the plus control to get the powerful motor, located in the curved end of the shaft, going. In all there are 12 different vibration and speed modes, so you can really mix it up throughout your playtime and adjust the vibration to suit your build up to orgasm. From soft waves to intense continual buzzing when set to the highest power, whatever pleasure you require for that moment, you’re sure to easily find the right setting on the Zizo Innie.

Power is great – and often needed – in the climb to climax, but what we really loved about this toy was how gentle it can be as well, which is fabulous after you’ve come, want to slow down, but not stop and then start the slow incline up to your second orgasm. Set it to the lowest, or second lowest continuous vibration after orgasm and it can still deliver delicious, but not too intense, waves of pleasure so you can really ride out the whole of your orgasm before starting the next.

Made from ABS plastic is has a firm rigid feel, but the body safe silicone coating makes it feel wonderfully soft and smooth too. And because the controls are silicone covered it means its fully waterproof and safe to use in the bath, shower and in a pool up to a depth of one metre (we’d loved to have been at those product tests!).

Running off two AAA batteries you can get around two hours of play before the power levels start to wane and you need a fresh set; not bad for a toy that offers so much. Hand on heart this is a great alternative to the main Lelo vibes that offer a similar level of quality, but without the hefty price tag. Undoubtedly this will make it super attractive (and we highly recommend it) to those taking their first steps into the toy world, but it still offers all of the power, variation and quality that a true toy connoisseur is looking for.

The PicoBong Zizo Innie vibe costs £34 and is available in store (Hoxton Square, London) and online at       

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