Toys: Evé Body Responsive Couples Ring

It’s always refreshing when you find a toy that puts a smile on your face because it’s so  different to any other in your pleasure chest. The Evé Body Responsive Couples Ring definitely ticks that box and puts a very fun twist on traditional vibrating love rings.

On the front of the bullet vibrator is a small circular sensor that only delivers a pleasurable buzz when it senses your bodies are close together. To determine how close is close together – and because we like to be precise and technically correct at Cliterati – we used a tape measure and found that the powerful vibe kicks in at around 3cm. So pretty close then. Honestly, we were sceptical before trialling, thinking the ability of the sensor to keep up with the increasing speed and rhythm of love making may faulter, but it didn’t disappoint and worked on cue each time.   

This ring certainly helps to build an amusing and sexy tension between lovers. For example, when worn around the base of the penis, and as your lover slides in, all you can think about is the bullet inching closer and wondering when will the vibrating start?! It’s guaranteed to induce giggles and squeals of pleasure when it finally touches your clit and gets going.

It’s an ideal toy to use to tease your partner with too. For example, take your time and build up the tension by very, very slowly moving the vibrator closer to your partner’s hot spots – clit, perineum, nipples. Get close enough that it starts going off, but move quickly away and then back again to deliver short, sharp bursts of vibrating pleasure.

Alternatively when you get into a rhythm the regular timing of feeling it vibe against your clitoris is very satisfying, but mix it up and keep it unpredictable by breaking the rhythm now and then by speeding up, slowing down, or only doing short thrusts so it doesn’t set off on every stroke. If you prefer a moment of continuous buzzing to really help your orgasm build, press your bodies together and take the time to kiss and let your hands wonder over each other while the bullet does all the work between your legs. The Body Responsive Couples Ring is genuinely a toy that adds intimacy to love making and works with your bodies, rather than being too intrusive.

Don’t want to use it as a cock ring? Then turn the tables on your lover and slip the ring over your index and middle finger, or take the bullet out of it’s jelly plastic sleeve altogether and hold it, using it against his testicles or perineum during oral sex. Another fun game is to give him a dose of his own medicine and make him turn the cock ring around so it sits against his perineum and if you’re giving him head tease him with the promise of some added vibes as you slide your hand – or lips if you can deep throat – slowly down his shaft until the sensor picks up your movements.

It takes three L1131 batteries – like watch batteries – which are handily included when you buy it so you can use it straight away. After use slip the bullet out of the jelly sleeve and wash in warm, soapy water. The vibrator itself is not waterproof though, so spray with an antibacterial toy cleaner or wipe to keep it box fresh for next time.

The bottom line is this is a really fun product and one to use if you have a good sense of humour and are looking for something to really put a smile on your face in the bedroom.

The Eve Body Responsive Couples Ring costs £17.45 from 

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